We, the members of the Abington Zoning Board of Appeals, respectfully submit
our Annual Report for the year 2005. Under Massachusetts General Laws 40A
and Town of Abington Zoning By-Laws, the Board is mandated to review
petitions for variances and special permits. Hearings are held once a month,
with additional meetings added to the schedule as needed, and site walks done
prior to meetings.   The Board is well rounded with several members having
been reappointed which provides stability as well as versatility in background

Eighty-nine new petitions were heard by the Board this year, an increase of 18
petitions over last year.   The Board turned over to the Town Treasurer filing
fees of $ 13,525.   In conformity with Section II Massachusetts General Laws,
Chapter 40A, the Zoning Act, these petitions were duly advertised and mailed to
Town Boards and all "Parties of Interest."   In addition to these petitions, there
were also several meetings between the Board and the developers of
Meadowbrook Estates, the 40B project under construction in the Town.

After visiting the petition sites and hearing all facts and evidence presented at
the public hearings, the Zoning Board of Appeals found as follows:

Petitions Granted          78
Petitions Denied              3
Petitions Withdrawn       6
Continued Petitions        2

Total Petitions               89

Included in the petitions that were granted were: 65 variances - 8 for signage, a
significant portion of them for very minor residential setbacks for additions to
existing properties, 4 for cell tower extensions, plus 16 findings.    There were
24 special permits issued, with 15 of them requiring the special permit to
construct in the Floodplain and Wetlands Protection District, 7 petitions for
in-law apartments and 1 appeal of the Building Inspector's decision. In general,
it is the policy of the Board to allow the petitioner to withdraw without
prejudice, rather than be denied.

We would like to express our appreciation to all the town officials, boards, legal
advisors and personnel for their assistance and services in attending many of
our meetings, reviewing projects and submitting reports. We would also like to
thank the citizens of Abington for their orderly input made at our public
hearings. This input and assistance have proved invaluable in our efforts to
protect the Town of Abington and its citizens.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Mulligan, Chairman
James Counter, Vice Chairman
Lisa Bezanson
James Haney, Alternate
Anne Preskenis, Alternate
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