To the Inhabitants of the Town of Abington:

The Board of Water Commissioners respectfully submits the following report for
the Abington Water Department.

January and February of 2005 provided the area with adequate snow fall which
enhanced our water supply and afforded again the ability to meet our increased
summer demands.

Through out the year the department performed the following duties:
Main Repairs                  11
Service Repairs               7
Hydrant Repairs             17
Hydrant Replacements  12
Meter Replacements   276

The system also realized the upgrades of the water mains on King Avenue,
Crossley Street, and Hamilton Street.

The 4,729 accounts were each billed quarterly during the 2005 calendar year.
The combined efforts of the distribution crew as well as the clerical staff read,
processed, and reconciled all 18,916 bills.

Also undertaken in 2005 was our initial investment in computerizing all the
underground mains and services in the Town of Abington. This will afford
better control of our system and aid in emergency responses to water main

Internally the staff began an in house accounting of all the Abington Water
Departments Fixed Assets. Although this has been performed annually, for the
first time we are able to perform this duty without outsourcing, thus realizing a
sizable monetary savings.

The Water Department appreciatively acknowledges all the departments in
Town for their dedication and assistance.

Finally we would like to acknowledge our staff. You are only as good as the
people you surround yourself with and the Town of Abington is fortunate to
have these professionals in their employment.
"With Water Works Pride"

Abington Board of Water Commissioners
Richard Muncey, Chairman        Steven D. Bradbury, Secretary
John Warner                                Daniel F. Callahan, Superintendent
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