The Board of Water Commissioners respectfully submits the following
report for the Abington Water Department,

The year of 2004 began with an abundance of snow, which greatly aided
the department in meeting its summer pumping demands. As always we
are able to meet our daily demands for the major portion of any
calendar year, but during those hot summer months it frequently
becomes a daunting task to provide the water that the increased usage
during the warmer weather requires.

Although water shortages are always a concern, maintenance of the
system through flushing the water mains is required. During this year
we instituted phase one of a system wide unidirectional flushing
program. This program is a new approach to flushing the water mains. It
will allow us to perform a more intense flushing of the system, thus
resulting in better water quality.

From the billing perspective we have moved forward with on-line
billing. This endeavor, with the assistance of the Tax Collector and his
staff, has proven to be a positive convenience for our consumers.

We would like to acknowledge our staff, your Water Works
Professionals, who through their commitment provide water to your tap
twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year. This
achievement is not to be overlooked. It is their dedication that is the
backbone of the Abington Water Department.

The Water Department appreciatively acknowledges all the
departments in Town for their dedication and assistance.

   "With Water Works Pride"

                           Respectfully submitted,

                           Abington Board of Water Commissioners
                           John Warner, Chairman
                           Richard Muncey, Secretary
                           Steven D. Bradbury
                           Daniel F. Callahan, Superintendent
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