To the Inhabitants of Abington:

As Veterans Agent and as Director of the Office of Veterans Services, Town of
Abington, I am pleased to submit its annual report.

There are many services that the Director is responsible for.  I am providing a
short summary of a few.   Alcohol and Drug treatment; Veteran Employment and
Training Services; V.A. Compensation and Pension matters; Hospitalization and
Domiciliary care rehabilitation, plus many others.

Veterans Agent is responsible to administrate Massachusetts Department of
Veterans Service program under Mass. General Law I I 5 to assist Veterans and
their dependents in a time of need. Being a Veteran does not automatically
make you eligible for benefits. Eligibility to receive entitlements has to be
determined by the office of Veterans Affairs. My office will assist all Veterans
with advice and paper work to help secure entitlements and benefits, if entitled.
If you are a veteran, spouse, dependent widow/widower/parent of a deceased
veteran or have a question on eligibility, please call or visit my office. My office
is located at the Town Hall, Room 207, next to the Selectmen's Office.   Phone

It is with great pride that I report that the Department of Veterans Service
(Abington) has helped 262 Abington Veterans.  Here is a summary of both
federal and State Benefits. These records are provided by the Veterans Benefits
Administration and by the office of performance analysis as of March 2005.

Department of Veterans Affairs compensation and pension Federal             
Benefits: Veterans served 182;  Veterans net award total $ 178,130.00; veterans
annual award $1,444,761.00.
Massachusetts Department of Veterans Service, State Benefits under M.G.L.
chap. 115, (108) CMR:  Veterans served 58; Veterans net award total $33,421.00;
Veterans annual award $402,140.00.
Total Veterans served 242; Total Federal and State beneficiary award =

By participating in training seminars and conferences, that I attend throughout
the year, I have been able to learn about the availability of Federal funds and
entitlements and save the Town of Abington a great deal of money and also
help me to administrate Mass General Law chapter I I 5, which assists Veterans
and dependents and surviving dependents of deceased Veterans, when they
become entitled to these benefits, and when a need arises to keep their dignity
and pride for their service to our country.

For General information as of FY05 there are 1,682 Veterans who reside in the
Town of Abington, not including family and dependents.

Some of my scheduled time is put to:
Visits to the Brockton/West Roxbury/Jamaica Plain
V.A. Hospitals • to visit or take local Veterans
for treatment/appointments.
Visits to the Homes of disabled Veterans along with
visits to widows of deceased Veterans for the
purpose of updating their claims, and to file new claims.
Visits to the local Nursing Homes.
Called upon Junior High School each Veterans and
Memorial Day to help the children observe these
two very important Patriotic Holidays.

I want to thank the Abington Old Town Post #5737, Veterans of Foreign Wars;
Abington American Legion, Lewis V. Dorsey Post 112 and their Ladies Auxiliary
for all the support they have given me all year.  The Honor Guard for both Post's
are always ready for any special occasion I have requested, i.e. dedications of
streets, blvd, ways for Veterans who were "KILLED IN ACTION", Dedications and
many, many other occasions.  Thanks to Abington American Legion Post  112
Ladies Auxiliary for their generous donation during the Holiday for our needy
Veterans and Families.  Also I want to thank St. Bridget's-St. Vincent DePaul
Food Pantry for their work with our needy Veterans.

Thanks to both Veterans Posts and their Ladies Auxiliary's for all the local
community projects they are involved with.

Thanks to the Selectmen for their recommendation to our local developers for
naming Streets after our local Veterans "KILLED IN ACTION".   The Honor
Guards from Post #5737 Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion Post I I 2
attend all dedication ceremonies to Honor their "FALLEN COMRADES", from all
Wars, with Full Military Honors.

Also Thanks to U.S. Veterans Vietnam Era, Post #2 SSG. Richard A. Fitts
Chapter, for volunteering to help honor our "Fallen Heroes",  and the projects
they are involved with in our community. SSG. Fitts was killed in action in
Vietnam.  His parents, M/M Walter Fitts, were lifelong residents of Abington. The
Chapter is now part of the Abington Veterans Community and hold their
meeting at the Abington American Legion Hall. (Memorial building).

A special thanks to Mary Johnson, my secretary, for all her expertise and
constant support to this office, the Veterans and this great Town of Abington,
God bless.

Respectfully Submitted "For the Love of Freedom"
Joseph D. Colantoni Director of Veteran Services'
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