To the inhabitants of the Town of Abington, The Board of Sewer
Commissioners is proud to present its report for the year 2004. We
have successfully completed 98% of the Municipal Sewer system in the
Town of Abington. With the completion of Phase IV, we will have in
place the infrastructure to provide municipal service for approximately
6,000 properties. Currently, we have over 5,000 properties utilizing the
system. An additional 900 properties have availability to the system, but
have not taken advantage of the service.

The Town of Abington generates approximately 900,000 gallons of
effluent, A which is pumped to the City of Brockton on a daily basis. The
Town of Abington pumps approximately 60,000 gallons of effluent per
day to the Town of Rockland.

The Sewer Department continues its sump pump remediation program.
This program is designed to assist us in locating and correcting
sources of illegal sump pump connections.

The Sewer Department has continued to grow throughout the year. We
now iiave in operation 14 pump stations, over 100 miles of sewer pipe,
and approximately 2.000 manholes; all of which need constant attention
and maintenance. The Board of Sewer Commissioners has met
throughout the year with the Towns of Rockland and Whitman to
explore possible expansion or consolidation of our sewer systems.

The Board of Sewer Commissioners would like to publicly recognize
the efforts of the Department's personnel. Jim Howell has been a
dedicated Superintendent of the Department for approximately 20
years. Kristin O'Sullivan, Executive Assistant to the superintendent,
has been a capable member of the Department for five years. Claire
Wing, Office Manager, has been a great help to us for the past 24
years. John Stone has advanced to Foreman this year and is a great
asset to the Department. The Board of Sewer Commissioners would
also like to welcome two new members - John Girvalakis began his
employment in February, 2004 and has been a welcomed addition.
Victor Young joined our team in September, 2004 and adds much to the
staff. Regrettably, Mike Donovan, long time Foreman of the
Department, has taken advantage of other opportunities. He has been
greatly missed by this Department. We would like to thank him for his
over 20 years of Dedication to the Town of Abington.

We would like to thank the staff of the Sewer Department for a job well

                            Respectfully submitted,

                            Mark A. Jamieson, Chairman
                            Janice McCarthy, Vice Chair
                            Matthew Herman
                            E. Thomas Rogers
                            Richard Gambino
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Sewer Commissioners 2004 Annual Report
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