A subcommittee of the Council on Aging Board, the Senior Center
Committee was formed in 1998. The development of a Senior Center is
its mission. We are planning a 5,980 sq. ft. Senior Center on Pattison
Street. As with any municipal project, there have been peaks and
valleys during the year.

Fundraising has been both exciting and successful! A second recipe
book was produced and sold, several unique raffles were held
(masterpiece quilt, 150 gallons heating oil), a new event was unfolded,
"A Taste of Abington". The 2nd annual yard sale was a smashing
success and there were many, many more fundraisers sending the
donation thermometer through the $185,000 mark. Upon learning that
we were not awarded a grant for $100,000, it was suggested that we
use some of the money raised to further our objectives.

A sampling of some positive steps taken towards development of the
Senior Center:

• The committee was and is circulating bumper stickers "Support
Abington Senior Center".

• Doug Ulwick of Ulwick Affiliates was retained to produce more in-
depth architectural land documents and cost estimates for this project.

• A Building Committee formed and began meeting in November '05,
working closely with the Architect and Town Planner Dan Crane (will
submit to Town Report '06)

• The Committee was granted permission by Board of Selectmen to
erect a sign on Plymouth Street, Route 58, "Coming Soon Abington
Senior Center".

Stay tuned. There is always breaking news with regard to this important
project and of course continual fundraising!

The Senior Center Committee. Building Committee and Associates 2005
John Berlinguet
Betty Berry
Norma Clark
Joanne Curds, Co-Chair, Sec'y.
Mary Donlan
Rita Estey
Joe lacobucci
Kate Kelley
Bill Kendall
Janice King
Nancy Lehtonen
Lorraine Leventuk, Chair - Bldg. ConaJ
Jack Libby, Treasurer
Joanne MacNeill
Roger Moore
Ellie Peck, Co-Chair
Barbara Reeves
John Reeves
Florence Severin
Joe Shea
George Whiting, Jr.
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