The Senior Center Committee, subcommittee of the Council on Aging
Board, formed in 1998, has the development of a Senior Center as its
sole mission. The quest for a Senior Center in Abington is the
"Odyssey" - there have been triumphant steps forward and also a few
"wrinkles" along the way.

In 2004, with the help of Town Planner Dan Crane, we submitted a
Planning Grant application for our 5,980 sq. ft. Senior Center on
Pattison Street. With the help of host Frank Quinn, a wonderful cable
show was produced starring Town Planner Dan Crane, preliminary
Architect Doug Ulwick and Committee co-chair Ellie Peck. By way of
this, the public was informed of Senior Center details and the first
rendering of the proposed Center was revealed. In April, Town Meeting
approved the placing of a ballot question for the Town to borrow
$750,000 as its match for next-round Construction Grant.

The summer of 2004 brought discouragement, as the ballot question
was defeated and Abington learned it had not been awarded the grant.

Undaunted, the Senior Center Committee folks dusted off and got back
into forward gear. Fundraising is continuous! (It is a requirement for
receiving grants.) In the Fall of 2004 Abington received two Governor's
awards - for affordable housing and "smart growth", which bump up
Abington's chances for being awarded the grant. We have been given
some positive attention in the newspapers. We are grateful for several
large donations for the Senior Center Fund from local banks (Abington
Savings Bank, Harbor One Credit Union, North Abington Cooperative).
We have had several extremely generous donations from Abingtonians
who are devoted to getting a Senior Center built.

Our marketing theme is "Help Keep Seniors Off Our Streets. Support
the Abington Senior Center." The Senior Center Fund reached $161,000
at year's end. Abington shall apply for a Planning Grant early in 2005.
Many thanks from the Committee and Associates to all who lent support
of many types to this important project.

The Senior Center Committee & Associates 2004

Nancy Lehtonen                           Jack Libby
Joanne MacNeill                          John Najarian
Ellie Peck, Co-Chair                     Barbara Reeves
Florence Severin                        George Whiting, Jr.
Joanne Curtis, Co-Chair             Elizabeth Berry
Norma Clark, Secretary               Mary Donlan
Rita Estey                                     Joe lacobucci
Kate Kelley                                  Bill Kendall
Janice King
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