During the program year ending September 30,2005, Self Help, Inc., received a
total funding of approximately S19.3M and provided services to 27,442 limited
income households in the area.

In the TOWN OF ABINGTON, SHI provided services totaling $474,289329 (sic) to
611 households during program year 2005

Self Help's total funding of $19,296,397 does not tell the real value of services
delivered to the area as a whole. This funding enabled us mobilize an
additional $1,948.879 of other community resources such as, volunteers,
donations of space, and private donations in the form of goods and services.
Therefore, the total impact of Self Help, Inc., during the past program year was

In addition, Self Help currently employs 250 individuals. Many of these
individuals are of limited income, and most reside in our service area.

We feel that October 1, 2004 through September 30,2005 was a successful
program year for us because we were able to assist as many individuals and/or
families as we did, regardless of the challenges of being a human service

We thank the Board of Selectmen of Abington, and its representative, Ms.
Lorraine Simon and all the volunteers for helping us to make fiscal year 2005 a
successful one.

Respectfully submitted

Norma Wang
Executive Assistant/Human Resource Manager
Self Help Incorporated
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Town Library
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