To the inhabitants of the Town of Abington.     

The yearly report for 2005

It is the duty of the Weights and Measures Department to visit and test for
accuracy every commercial scale and fuel pump each year. All scanners are to
be tested every other year. This is to ensure that consumers get the correct
amount of product they pay for.

All the testing weights used for scales and prove used for gasoline, have been
certified by the state testing laboratory

Having passed the required Massachusetts continuing education program and
examination I am now a Certified Weights and Measures Inspector.

Complaints are given top priority and are addressed as soon as possible. I
would like to remind you that if you want to make a complaint and have your
complaint answered, you must give your name and or telephone number so
that I can contact you with the results. All complaints are confidential.

All gasoline pumps, scales, and reverse vending machines were tested and
sealed. They were all found to be in compliance

I returned into the Town Treasurer $3935.00 in fees.

I would like to THANK Assistant Town Manager Don Jaminson for her assistance
and also Supt. of Streets Kenan Connell for the loan of equipment, Mark
Chirokas Park Dept. for allowing me space for my equipment, and Wayne Ward
for his assistance A special Thank You to Nancy Hurst, for her patience.

Respectfully submitted,

D Leo Donovan
Sealer of Weights & Measures
Sealer of Weights and Measures
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Town Library
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