It is my great privilege to serve as this town's fourteenth Police Chief. I am truly
fortunate to have become the leader of a department that is comprised of
officers that are fully committed to helping the townspeople and resolving the
current issues that we all face.

Over the past several months, members of the police department have
proudly-established a mission statement for the department. It is as follows:

The mission of the Abington Police Department is to work with all citizens to
preserve life, uphold human rights, protect property and encourage individual
responsibility with community involvement. All members of the department shall
strive to maintain a relationship with the public, so that in reality, the police are
the people and the people are the police. To accomplish these goals, we will be
committed to serving every individual with respect and compassion in order to
maintain one's dignity

One of the police department's top priorities is to address the substance abuse
issues that plague both this town and society at large. Research has shown
that over seventy percent of all crime is either directly or indirectly related to
drug or alcohol abuse. While the major influence to combat both of these
issues starts and ends at home, it is my belief that as a police department we
must also do our share. Through both education and strict enforcement, or
"zero tolerance", I am hopeful that we can significantly minimize this problem
within our community.

The department currently consists of twenty-eight full time police officers. This
year I am requesting the funds to hire two additional police officers to get us
back to staffing levels of years past. If these positions are funded, we will be
able to appoint a full time Narcotics Detective and an officer to work primarily in
our schools.

The Narcotic Detective will be dedicated to working on drug investigations and
enforcement throughout the community. Through both our intelligence and
information from recent news reports, it is quite apparent that drugs such as
heroine, crack, cocaine, ecstasy, oxycontin and marijuana are being distributed
in both our town and surrounding communities. Since drug dealers do not work
regular schedules, this officer will have a flexible schedule and will not have the
responsibilities of day to day patrol functions. This officer will also have the
proper training and expertise needed for this complicated and dangerous job.

The School Officer would be assigned to work primarily in the school system. It
is my strong belief that, like in many other communities, we need an officer that
is both visible and approachable to the children on a full-time basis. This year
alone we have conducted numerous investigations within our public schools
involving drugs, assaults, threats, possession of dangerous weapons, sexual
assaults and inappropriate Internet use. We also would like to re-institute a
strong education program at all levels, utilizing our new police "mascot" (robot)
in the younger grades. This robot was purchased through grant monies and will
add a whole new dimension to our outreach programs.

Another issue that both the police department and other town agencies must
face in the near future is the continuous growth within the town. Projects such
as "the Gables" on North Quincy Street and the "Woodlands" on Summer Street
as well as others will continue to stretch our resources to the limit. With no easy
access points to several of the condominium projects and an increased work
load due to growth throughout the town, coverage will be nearly impossible
without either the addition of more officers or the redeployment of officers from
other areas of town.

After many meetings, a lot of research, and a tremendous amount of work, the
Police Station Building Committee has decided to go forward with a request to
construct a new police facility this year. The current station was built in 1965 to
accommodate twelve officers and, is not only antiquated, but also in dire need
of major repairs. Due to lack of space, several officers have their lockers in the
open garage bay; the station has no female officer accommodations or basic
interview room, and is not compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.
Additionally, the holding cells have been cited for various safety violations by
the state, the wiring is unsafe, the station is not equipped with a civil defense
office and both work and office space is almost non existent. The proposed
station alleviates these and many other issues. I hope to have the new station
plans available on our web site ( for all to see and also
plan to set up weekend tours of our current station for those citizens who are
interested in seeing it first hand.  I hope that you will support our request at
both town meeting and ultimately at the polls.

While these are some serious issues that we must face, I am confident that both
members of the police department and the townspeople will rise to the

In closing, I would like to once again thank the officers of the department, the
various boards, and the residents of the town for their continued support. I am
extremely proud of the police department and look forward to serving the
townspeople as their police chief for many years to come.

Respectfully submitted

David G. Majenski Chief of Police
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