The role of Plymouth County Cooperative Extension is to deliver research-based
information to Plymouth County residents through non-formal methods. The Plymouth
County Extension staff work in concert with UMass Amherst Faculty and Extension staff
on behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture, to provide valuable
information in Extension's four major program areas: Agriculture and Landscape; 4-H
Youth and Family Development; Nutrition Education; and Natural Resources &
Environmental Conservation. The Extension System is supported by County, Federal
and State funds, and operates under Federal and State laws and agreements. Local
citizens, appointed by the Plymouth County Commissioners, serve as Plymouth County
Cooperative Extension Trustees, directing the overall program. Volunteer advisory
groups work with Extension staff on developing programs.

Cooperative Extension resources and programs for Plymouth County include: garden
lectures, fruit pruning demonstrations; pesticide applicator training & licensing exams;
the annual UMass Extension Garden Calendar; educational resource materials;
training and resources for green industry professionals and youth service agencies;
accredited overnight 4-H summer camps; and teacher workshops and resources. New
research findings are translated into practical applications and shared with people and
communities through workshops, conferences, field demonstrations, radio and
television, local libraries, technical assistance, and newspaper articles. Publications
such as newsletters, booklets, and fact sheets bring information directly to those who
need it. Additional information is delivered through office visits, phone calls, and
UMass-Amherst Extension web access .

The Plymouth County Extension office is located at P.O. Box 658, High St. Hanson MA
02341 (781-293-3541; 781-447-5946) Regional Extension
programs are often conducted in Southeastern Massachusetts. UMass Extension also
operates the Cranberry Experiment Research Station, located in Wareham.

Members of the Plymouth County Staff:
Michael D. Koski, 4-H Youth and Family Development Program
Amy McCune, 4-H Youth and Family Development Program
Deborah C. Swanson, Landscape, Nursery and Urban Forestry Program
Debra L. Corrow, Executive Assistant

Board of Trustees
Michael Connor, Chairman - Halifax
Joseph Freitas - Plympton
Marjorie Mahoney - Hingham
Wayne Smith - Abington
John Peterson - Halifax
Elizabeth A. Francis - Plymouth
Chris Wicks - Middleboro
Philip Wyman - Hanson
Plymouth County Commissioner Timothy McMullen - Pembroke

UMass Extension staff funded by Federal/State Program Grants: UMass
Nutrition Education Program, 34 School St., Brockton 508-513-3475:
Andrea B. Gulezian, Supervisor        Wendy Kemp, Nutrition Educator
Maria Pique, Nutrition Educator         Virginia Murray, Nutrition Ed.
Joyce Rose, Nutrition Educator          Anita Sprague, Senior Clerk
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