Partners Home Care, Inc., a non-profit Medicare certified agency, continues to
serve Abington residents, offering nursing, physical, occupational, and speech
therapy services, medical social work, nutritional counseling, and home health
aide assistance. The agency continues to meet the highest standards of
excellence fulfilling the mission of providing quality home health to those in

Besides assisting our patients with a variety of home health services, Partners
Home Care, Inc. offers many community programs including wellness programs,
health promotion screenings, flu clinics, school immunization programs, health
fairs, doll clinics and diabetic screening clinics.

With the support of the Abington Housing Authority, we maintain office hours
weekly at 100 Lincoln Blvd, Leavitt Terrace and our public health programs are
housed therein. Office hours for walk-ins are Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00
AM to 12:00 noon each week. Office appointments may be made by calling (781)

An ongoing communication regarding public health issues and initiatives
continues with the Board of Health, Abington Public Schools and the many
town agencies and departments. Detailed reports of our activities in the area of
health education and the prevention and control of disease are submitted
monthly demonstrating the fulfillment of our contractual obligation to the
Abington Board of Health.

The following is a summary of our public health activities for the calendar year

Hepatitis B                                       34
MMR                                                   3
Td                                                       7
Flu                                                  159   
Pneumonia                                        1
Hepatitis A                                         6
Varicella                                            2
TdaP                                                  2                
Blood Pressure Screenings         194
MD prescribed injections                 0
Blood Sugar/or O2sats                   16
Tb Tests (4 for DPH)                       14
Tb Readings                                    13
Disease Instruction/Teaching        16

Immunizations administered at school clinics: Total given -13

Woodsdale-                     Td      5
Abington High School - Td       1
Center School -             Td       5
North School -               Td       2

One Tuberculosis case contact for a resident of another town was skin tested
and was referred to the local Tb clinic at Brockton Hospital for follow-up
evaluation and treatment. There were no active tuberculosis cases in Abington
this year. Partners Home Care, Inc. purchases Tb testing serum. Tb testing is
available at a nominal charge for pre-employment/OSHA regulations. Free
testing of tuberculosis contacts continues under the Massachusetts
Department of Public Health Tb Division and is available by office appointment
or home visit.


January-June - Co-chaired Cancer Control Program for the American Cancer
Society Relay for Life. Cancer Control purpose: to promote the American
Cancer Society's Guidelines for cancer prevention and detection, to promote
good nutrition, physical activity, cancer screening, not smoking and limiting
alcohol consumption. Colon Cancer prevention was highlighted at this year's
event and everyone 50 years and older was encouraged to have a colonoscopy.

April 13,2005 - Attended all day seminar - Infectious Disease Surveillance and

May 4,2005 - Attended Emergency Planning meeting to formulate plans for
setting up town's emergency dispensing site.

June 10th and 11th - American Cancer Society Relay for Life held at memorial
field in Abington - our relay teams (2) received special recognition for
demonstrating healthy living and providing cancer education in the form of an
adaptation of the nursery rhyme Wee Willie Winkie. "Dreaming of a Cure"-
bedtime stories and nursery rhymes was the theme. Over $200,000.00 was
raised to benefit American Cancer Society Programs.

September 12,2005 - Attended training sessions to learn to administer small pox

Monthly Clinics for Blood Pressure/ Blood Sugar Screenings. Two clinics had to
be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions:

Leavitt Terrace (January - December) First Tuesday 9:00-10:30 AM.
11 Clinics
87 Patients/BP
10 Blood Sugar Tests

Shaw Avenue (January - December) Secondary Thursday 10:00-11:00 A.M.
12 Clinics
113 Patients/BP
0 Blood Sugar Tests

Chestnut Glen (January - December) Third Wednesday 11:00 A.M -12:30 P.M.
12 Clinics
97 Patients/BP
27 Blood Sugar Tests
Stop & Shop (January - December) Last Thursday 2:00-4:00 P.M.
11 Clinics
154 Patients/BP
56 Blood Sugar Tests

Reported Communicable Diseases   54:

Salmonella               3
Hepatitis B               4
Campylobacter        1
Lyme Disease          6
E.Coli                       1
Pertussis                 9
Strept pneumonia  4
Hepatitis C            11
Viral Meningitis      1
Varicella                 7
Latent tuberculosis   5
Giardia                    2

Confidential case follow-ups are completed and submitted to the MA DPH as

Dlu Clinic Activity - Fall 2005:

(*Free Clinics - DPH Vaccine Only - for "elderly and high risk" as defined by the

*AbingtonVFW              11/03/052        283
*Leavitt Terrance         11/08/05          106
*Shaw Ave.                   11/08/05            44
*ChestnutGlen             11/16/05            76
*Abington Library        11/16/051        195

Office Visits   -159           Home Visits - 8

Distribution - DPH Vaccine

Mildred Alford - Nursing Home    100
Colony House - Rehab Center    100

Flu shots with MD orders - homebound patients - 8
One Td immunization and 1 Pneumonia shot

A special thank you to the Board of Health Agent, Michelle Roberts and the
Board of Health Secretary, Maureen Kilroy, who maintains close contact and
provide assistance to me regarding health issues and concerns. They have
been particularly helpful during our busy flu season.

I would like to thank all the residents and businesses for their continued
support - and a special thank you to the many volunteers who assist with our
clinics throughout the year. It is through this ever-welcomed support that we
can successfully meet the health care needs of our community and enhance
services for the residents of Abington.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Miller, RN
Community Health Nurse
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