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01/08/2009 Abington schools begin budget planning
01/09/2009 Proposed Abington school budget calls for 5.7 percent increase
01/18/2009 Budget info on Town website
01/18/2009 Town Manager budget message
01/18/2009 FY2010 Budget
01/18/2009 Analysis of Sources and Uses of Funds
01/27/2009 Abington selectmen foresee cuts in next year’s budget
02/19/2009 Budget crisis taking a toll on Abington departments
02/24/2009 Abington looks at job cuts, eliminating parks and recreation
02/25/2009 Abington schools consider cutting teachers, closing school to trim budget
03/11/2009 Abington unions agree to take 12.5 unpaid days off over two years
03/12/2009 Abington selectmen endorse town meeting articles
03/15/2009 Workers agree to furloughs
03/17/2009 Warrant for Town Meeting, April 6, 2009
03/19/2009 Revised School Year 08/09 Preliminary Budget Proposal
03/20/2009 Furloughs begin at Abington town hall
03/20/2009 Abington selectmen race heating up
03/22/2009 Contested races dot April 25 election ballot
03/25/2009 Abington to split town meeting into two sessions
03/29/2009 Bailing out budget in Abington
03/13/2009 Abington selectmen race is on
04/03/2009 Abington's Special Town Meting Monday
04/04/2009 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Cherry Sheets
Town Meeting results to date:

Special Town Meeting; Articles 1, 4, 5 and 7 approved unanimously.
 Articles 2, 3 and 6 were passed over.
Town Meeting: Articles 2A, 2B, 3 and Article 12 will be taken up
at                                          continuation of Town Meeting on Monday, May
11, 2009                                at 7:00 p.m.

Article 11 was passed over.
Article 13 was not approved on a 83-78 vote.
All other articles were approved.
Warrants for Town Meeting, April 6, 2009
04/16/2009 2008 Abington Annual Report
04/28/2009  Town Meeting Update
05/05/2009  Budget Action to be Postponed until June 1, 2009
05/10/2009  Abington town meeting delayed
05/29/2009 Library closings due to budget crisis announced
05/30/2009 Finance Committee Recommendations and Dept. Heads' impact statements
05/31/2009 Spending cuts on tap in Abington
06/01/2009 Town Meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the High School
06/01/2009 Finance Committee recommendations for tonight's town meeting
06/01/2009 Finance Committee recommendations for tonight's town meeting - handout
06/02/2009 Abington town meeting gets bogged down, then postpones, budget talk
Budget info on Town website
Projected Impacts on Schools of various Budgets under consideration
05/29/2009 Abington may postpone town meeting, again
06/07/2009 Local aid in proposed Senate budget
06/16/2009 Abington town meeting OKs budget, $1.7 million override
06/16/2009 Estimated Real Estate Tax Impact of Town Meeting budget and $1.7 million override
06/18/2009 Abington override vote set for July 25
06/19/2009 Abington residents at Town Meeting support override proposal---election scheduled for July 25
06/19/2009 Abington Town Meeting photos
06/26/2009 Come Together for Abington Committee to meet tonight to discuss override vote
Estimated Real
Estate Tax
Impact of Town
Meeting budget
and $1.7 million
07/07/2009 Pro Override
07/07/2009 Con Override
07/08/2009 Pro Override Update
07/12/2009 Two groups form before Abington votes on override
07/15/2009 Abington selectmen don’t support $1.7 million override
07/15/2009 Con override news release
07/17/2009 Sewer Commission discusses 40% increase in sewer rates at May 5, 2009 meeting-see minutes
07/18/2009 Pro Override news release
07/19/2009 Voters to decide tax increase in Abington
07/21/2009 Taking sides on the Abington Proposition 2 1/2 override
07/21/2009 Abington Taxpayers Protection Group News Release
07/21/2009 Estimated tax increase without and with override
07/21/2009 A Primer on Proposition 2 and 1/2
07/21/2009 Abington overrides through the years
07/22/2009 Open letter from Abington Taxpayers' Protection Group
07/22/2009 Override in the hands of Abington voters
07/23/2009 Abington sharply divided again by override proposal
07/23/2009 Schools hoping for override approval
07/23/2009 Voters get say on $1.7m override
07/24/2009 ‘Dirty politics’ cried in Abington override battle
07/24/2009 Abington seniors receive unsolicited phone calls about override
07/25/2009 Abington voters go to the polls today, Saturday,  to decide override
07/25/2009 Abington voters defeat override by significant margin
07/28/2009 Abington clerk: Blackberries at polls was legal
07/28/2009 Abington firefighters seek manning plan
07/29/2009 School’s out at North School after failure of override in Abington
07/29/2009 Sewer rates going up in Abington
07/29/2009 Rejection of override in Abington means closing of North School, layoffs
07/30/2009 Abington fire chief addresses override impact
09/17/2009 Abington interim manager asks departments to trim budgets to cover unexpected deficit
09/18/2009 Searching for direction: Abington budget deficit more than $1M
09/18/2009 All you ever wanted to know about setting local tax rates
09/24/2009 Abington senior center budget already in the red
08/12/2009 Town Manager Phillip Warren enjoyed his time in Abington
08/13/2009 Abington selectmen thank departing town manager for job well done
08/14/2009 Abington receives $33K insurance credit
08/16/2009  Departing manager proud of town
08/20/2009  Big changes at Strawberry Valley Golf Course
08/21/2009  Search committee coming together in Abington
08/25/2009 Abington ex-manager Warren taking job in New Hampshire
08/26/2009 Assistant Abington Town Manager Dori R. Jamieson appointed interim town manager
08/29/2009 North Abington gets $1.6 million business revitalization grant
09/25/2009 Abington’s deficit grows to $1.1 million
09/27/2009 Summary of $1.1 million projected FY2010 deficit
09/27/2009 Former Abington school may be sold
09/27/2009 Towns to look at sharing senior services
09/28/2009 FY10 Further Budget Reduction Impact Statement - Abington Public Library
09/28/2009 FY10 Further Budget Reduction Impact Statement - Abington Public Schools
09/30/2009 Abington departments told to cut more from budgets
09/30/2009 School for sale?---Supt. looking at all possibilities
10/01/2009 State says it will pay $7.2 million tab for Senate elections
10/02/2009 Meals tax on the table
10/02/2009 Slumping revenue may trigger more state cuts, layoffs
10/04/2009 Sale of school building in Abington
10/08/2009 Abington looks at $1.13 million in mid-year budget cuts
10/06/2009 Jury rules Abington must pay fired employee $405k
10/09/2009 Abington Public School FY 2010 Mid-year Budget Reduction Plan
10/15/2009 Tomorrow last chance to register to vote at October 26, 2009 Special Town Meeting  
10/15/2009 Warrant with some FinComm recommendations for October 26, 2009 Special Town Meeting  
10/21/2009 Fewer Friday Town Hall hours proposed in Abington
10/21/2009 Friends group steps forward to pay Abington senior center's electric, gas bills
10/21/2009 A lot at stake: Abington voters will decide on 16 articles at Special Town Meeting
10/22/2009 Proposed School Department reductions -$771K of town's $1.264 million shortfall
10/26/2009 A lot at stake: Voters will decide on 16 articles at Special Town Meeting, Monday at 7:00 p.m.
10/27/2009 Voters  at Special Town Meeting approve $697,819 cuts to School Dept and elimination of Park&Rec Dept.
10/28/2009 Abington voters reject override proposal
11/19/2009 No loss of accreditation for Abington High School
11/19/2009 Abington police, fire departments feeling effects of rejected override
11/18/2009 Fire substation closure will increase response times to south Abington
11/18/2009 Abington library workers agree to more furloughs to save a job
11/17/2009 Abington fire Station 2 closes
11/13/2009 Abington committee will spend time on town finances
11/11/2009 Abington selectmen keep hiring freeze in place
11/08/2009 Abington tries to collect $338,000 in delinquent taxes
01/01/2010 Abington grassroots group looks to boost the town’s fiscal stability
12/29/2009 Concerned Citizens task Force to meet Tuesday, Jan. 12th.  New members welcome
12/29/2009 Abington into deficit spending for snow cleanup after storm
12/26/2009 Abington fire chief applies for $400K federal grant
12/21/2009 Abington selectman looks for fiscal sustainablility
12/19/2009 Depleted snow budget means delays in Abington
12/18/2009 Fire department gets boost via new stimulus funds
12/17/2009 Abington Fire Department a ‘moving target’
12/16/2009 Abington selectmen cut back on plowing sidewalks to save money
12/15/2009 Abington to receive SAFE program grant funds
12/10/2009 Local towns receive drinking water project grants
12/07/2009 Easing the educational burden in Abington
12/06/2009 Local group gets $50,000 grant to look at air base cleanup
12/03/2009 Abington Council On Aging director position up in the air
12/01/2009 Air base developers seek free land deal
01/06/2010 Abington unlikely to hire full-time COA director anytime soon
01/07/2010 Abington Public Schools Preliminary FY2011 Budget Proposal
01/14/2010 The budget bunch: Selectman proposes creation of new committee in Abington
01/11/2010 Five things that will shape Abington in 2010
01/14/2010 Gift account will keep senior van going
01/17/2010 Town finances get help in Abington
01/19/2010 Trash builds up in Abington park after barrels removed
01/20/2010 Abington predicts $1.5 million deficit for next year’s budget
01/21/2010 Town Manager search continues in Abington
01/26/2010 Finance Committee Minutes
Oct. 21
Oct. 16
Oct. 26
Nov. 11
Nov. 18
01/28/2010 Abington's budget deficit is $1.5 M