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03/01/2002  Over 55 complex planned if whitman Doesn't Buy Farm
01/13/2004  Senior Drivers Represent Threat Neighbors Say
02/06/2004  Abington Seniors Set to Fight For Center
06/10/2004  Three Overrides Await Votes
06/14/2004  Defeat of Tax Hikes Leave Abington Schools at a Loss
08/02/2005  Search for School Site Underway
08/16/2005  Playing Fields latest Idea for ex-dairy site
07/21/2006  Former Dairy Farm is Favored Location for New School
04/26/2007  School Department:  Moving on up
03/31/2001  Funds for Proposal to Demolish Griffin's Dairy Removed from Budget
07/07/2003  for town's seniors
10/14/2003  Fund-Raiser to be Held for Abington Senior Center
01/10/2004  Abington Board Will Vote on Senior Center Site
01/07/2004  Abington to Consider School Building Project
06/14/2004  Defeat of Tax Hikes Leave Abington Schools at a Loss
02/06/2006  Abington School Board Orders Soil Tests
11/13/2006  In Abington it's Nature vs Nurture
11/26/2006  Hearings slated for Abington Landfill, School Site
11/28/2006  Plan for School at Old dairy Farm Meets Opposition
01/30/2007  Group is Seeking to Preserve Abington Farmland
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07/17/2007 Abington Selectmen to Make Offer for Church
07/19/2007 Church is Now Preferred Senior Center Location
07/12/2007  Discussion Continues on Senior Center Site
06/14/2007 Letter: Gambling with Abington's Tax Dollars
06/14/2007 Letter:Abington Selectmen Continue to Get it Wrong
06/15/2007 Abington Senior Center Options Studied
08/02/2007 Save Griffin's Dairy Field Day
08/02/2007 Boston Globe - Community Briefing - Abington Middle School Sites
09/15/2007  Letter:  Griffins Dairy is a wet meadow and not a good school site
10/02/2007  Griffin's Dairy Petition Article not submitted on time
10/02/2007  New - Griffin's Dairy Web Site
10/05/2007  Three sites under review for middle school
11/23/2007 Griffin's Dairy up for discussion
11/27/2007 Selectmen act on groups ideas - four years later
11/29/2007 Griffin's Dairy debate continues
03/16/2008 Town Meeting Article 16 - Griffin's Dairy Conservation Restriction - J. Dombrowski
04/18/2008 Future of Griffin's Dairy rests with voters
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04/27/2008 Future of Griffin's Dairy remains unsettled
10/14/2010 Save Griffin's Dairy web site