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Selectmen's Meetings were held to describe process and
reasons for site selection committee's selection of Griffin's
Dairy as the proposed site for the new middle school and to
get feedback from the town about this site or any
alternatives. The School Committee has voted to accept the
recommendation to construct a new middle school on the
town-owned land at Griffin's Dairy;  the Selectmen have taken
no vote on the subject.  A final decision will be made at a
future Town Meeting and by resident voters.

Click here for the Final Report of the site selection
History, Research & Recommendation

Questions and Comments for Site Selection Committee

Town Counsel's View of Town Meeting Vote to purchase
Griffin's Dairy for "public purposes including open space and
Selectmen's Meeting will describe nine proposals for
capping of the Groveland Street Landfill and their
related costs as well as decide whether "impacted
soil" will be imported into town to lessen the net
costs of the landfill capping to the town.
Click here for a summary of these proposals.


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