To the Residents of the Town of Abington:

The Board of Commissioners of the Abington Housing Authority hereby submits its Annual
Report for the Year 2005.

The Abington Housing Authority operates and maintains one hundred nine (109) units of
667 Elderly/Handicapped, housing, sixty-nine (69) of these units are located at Vinson
Blanchard Gardens at 71 Shaw Avenue and forty (40) are located at Leavitt Terrace, 100
Lincoln Boulevard. The Authority also has two (2) 705 houses and eight-six (86) Section 8

We are under the jurisdiction of the State Division of Housing and Community
Development DHCD) and the Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and are
audited on a regular basis by both of these agencies. The Abington Housing Authority
has and continues to receive favorable reports from all audits conducted.

We suggest that Abington residents took ahead to see if our Housing might be an option
for them in the future. Elderly residents of Abington sixty (60) years of age and older may
be eligible for housing with us. The average wait for an Abington resident is approximately
two to three years. .Anyone who might be interested or has any questions is invited to call
or stop by for more information.

Again, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to Retired Police Chief Richard
Franey, Police Chief David Majenski, Retired Fire Chief Malcolm Whiting, Fire Chief
Arthur Pelland and their departments for the excellent care and service that they provide
us throughout the year. We also thank all of the various Boards, Committees,
Commissions and other Town personnel that work with us during the year!

                                          Respectfully submitted,

                                          Steven L. Hitchcock, Chairman
                                          George Soper, Vice-Chairman
                                          Marie Anderson, Treasurer
                                          John Kelley, Clerk
                                          Patricia A. Murphy, Executive Director
Housing Authority 2005 Annual Report
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