To the Inhabitants of the Town of Abington:

We welcomed a new member, Ken Coyle, to the Commission this year.
Ken brings with him many years of experience serving on several Town
Committees and his love for Abington's history.        

The proposed Demolition Delay By-law was kicked into high gear for the
2006 fall meeting. An informational DVD was produced and an
informational Q&A brochure was designed by members and printed.
Many more hours were dedicated in fine tuning the proposed Demolition
Delay Bylaw. The AHC met with the By-Law Review Committee. After full
review and discussion with the committee, it was the decision of the
Abington Historical Commission to withdraw the article from the fall
meeting due to the minor inconsistencies of the proposal. However, the
AHC is committed to finalizing the proposed Demolition Delay By-law for
the 2007 annual Town meeting.

In May the Abington Historical Commission opened an essay contest
entitled "Women Who Have Made A Difference In Our Town". The
contest ran until September 10th. 2006 and was widely announced in the
local papers. It may have been poor timing on the AHC's part to initiate
an essay contest for there were only 7 entries submitted. We wish to
extend our heartfelt thanks for those who did submit their entries. We,
however, were not undaunted by such few submissions and will re-open
the essay contest in the New Year 2007.

In November, the Abington Historical Commission hosted a Round-
Robin with the Whitman Historical Commission. The Whitman Historical
Commission has been reactivated after many years of limited
membership. Our discussions included many of the challenges that face
our small commissions and what measures were and are taken by each
commission. Their current challenge is a town wide inventory survey of
historic buildings and places. Other comments included holding similar
round- robins several times a year and to have the meetings include
other local town commissions. Both commissions agreed to the benefits
of holding such meetings.

Please visit our website: for information on
Abington and the Commission. We have added an e-mail contact to our
website and is as follows: As we continue to
broaden our site, your comments and inquiries are always welcomed.
The Commission continues its work on projects underway and looks
forward in meeting the challenges of 2007.

Respectfully submitted,
Robyn B Fernald, Chairman
Phyllis Swett, Secretary
Waller H. Pulsifer, III
Patrick Brangan
Kennelh Coyle
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