I am pleased to submit the 124th annual report of your Fire Department.

Fire-Rescue & Emergency Services responded to a total of 3041 incidents.  Of the
total calls, 1609 were for emergency medical incidents of which 1213 resulted in
transportation to the hospital. A total of 64 structure fires, 8 vehicle fires and 28
outside fires were extinguished over the year. We responded to 23 carbon monoxide
incidents with 6 warranting further actions. We also responded to 190 hazardous
materials incidents with the Massachusettsts Hazardous Materials Response Team
responding to 1 of these incidents. A total of 1116  fire prevention and life safety
inspections were completed, 2061 burning permits issued and a total of 583 regulatory
permits were issued. Mutual Aid to and from the surrounding towns has been steadily
increasing. Unfortunately this trend is due to the inability of each town to efficiently staff
their departments with the necessary personnel due to budget constraints.

Ongoing training has been conducted throughout the year within the department.  One
subject that has been directed by the Department of Homeland Security was National
Incident Management System. This training was conducted jointly with the Police
Department and other town agencies to unify and co-ordinate these agencies as well
as other  State and Federal agencies as they may be involved in an incident.

In the past year we have had the implementation of a significant new State Law that will
impact the health and safety of our citizens. Nicole's Law was passed by the legislature  
in 2005 and had an April 1, 2006 implementation date which requires Carbon Monoxide
Detectors in all residences. Our Town was proactive by having this provision as a town
By-Law but it is now State Law. The major change to affect the citizens of Abington is
the requirement of detectors on ALL levels of habitation. Not just by the bedrooms. If
anyone has any questions as to the placement or requirements please feel free to
contact the Fire Station.

We have experienced an incredible amount of new building growth over the past few
years. These projects represent countless hours of inspections and preparations for
this department and with the increase of population along with the expanse in response
distances we will need to address additional personnel needs for the department in the
very near future to cover calls for services and potential risks. In doing a risk analysis,
this department's risk continues to grow with the growth of the town. Statistically as the
town adds structures the risk of fire increases incrementally. Our challenge is to
address this risk and provide an adequate and balanced level of protection for all
citizens of Abington.

In September I was pleased to be promoted to Fire Chief. I had been acting since
January after the retirement of Malcolm Whiting. I look forward to serve the citizens of
Abington. In 2007 there will be further changes in the department with the promotions
of a new Deputy and Captain and the hiring of a new firefighter to fill the open position.

My sincere thanks and appreciation to each and every member of this department,
they continue to provide you with the very best in Fire-Rescue and Emergency

                             .        Respectfully Submitted,

                                      Arthur H. Pelland, Chief of Department

Members of Abington Fire-Rescue & Emergency Services:
Arthur H. Pelland, Chief/EMT
Patricia Gordon, Administrative Assistant

David Farrell, Captain/EMT
John Weckbacher, Acting Deputy Chief/EMT
Edward Belcher, Captain/EMT
John Nuttall, Captain/EMT/I
Charles Whitman Jr., Firefighter
Donald Leary, Firefighter
Michael Murphy, Firefighter/EMT/I
Michael Driscoll, Firefighter/EMT/P
Ronald Howe, Firefighter/EMT/P
John Force, Firefightef/EMT/P
Robert Neumeister, Firefighter/EMT/I
Donald Farrell, Firefighter/EMT/I
John Glynn, Firefighter/EMT/P
Kevin Finch, Firefighter/EMT/P
Donald DiDomenico, Firefighter/EMT/P
Richard Smith, Firefighter/EMT/P
George Gardiner, Firefighter/EMT/P
Christa Prescott, Firefighter/EMT/
Sean Hardy, Firefighter/EMT/P
Brian Fogg, Firefighter/EMT/P
Christa Larkin, Firefighter/EMT/P
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