To the inhabitants of the town of Abington:

The Conservation Commission submits its Annual Report as follows. The
Commission is a volunteer board appointed by the Board of Selectmen,
consisting of seven voting members, mandated under M.G.L. Chapter 131,
Section 40, and Abington Town By-Laws, Chapter 171, for the purposes of
administration and implementation of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection

Our meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and
are open to the public. In the year 2006, the Conservation Commission
received thirteen Notice-of Intent, eleven Requests for Determination, issued
eleven Certificates of Compliance, three Enforcement Orders, two
Abbreviated Notices of Resource Area Delineation, amended three Orders of
Condition, one extension and held many informal meetings. The filing of a
Notice of Intent or a Request for Determination often requires several
continuations before a hearing is closed, as well as a site walk. The
Commission turned in $7,358.13 received in filing fees.

The Board is involved in the actual visiting of the sites where work will be
done in the buffer zone or the wetlands area. The Board also responds to
wetlands violation reported by citizens, which involved many site walks and
frequent communications with Department of Environmental Protection this
year. Several meetings were also held regarding the Abington Landfill on
Groveland Street.

The members of the Commission are required to attend workshops
sponsored by the state's Department of Environmental Protection in various
locations. The Commission has initiated having wetlands markers installed on
certain properties under the Order of Conditions that is issued to a project at
the completion of a Notice of Intent hearing, indicating the lot is under the
jurisdiction of the Wetlands Protection Act.

Respectfully submitted,

Alex Bezanson, Chairman
James Connolly, Vice Chair
John Curley
Nathan Elliott
Frank Mackiewicz, Associate Member
Todd Murray
Hal Norton
Christine Yardley, Associate Member
Richard Yardley
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