This year has been an extremely busy one for the Building Department and for
myself as the Towns first full time Building Inspector.

During calendar year 2006 the department reviewed and issued an
unprecedented 635 Building Permits, which is an increase of 142 Permits over
the 2005 total.

Building Permits issued this year included:        
The new Target store, which opened in October                                      
34 new detached and attached Single Family dwelling units                                    
60 residential rental units
Numerous residential and commercial additions and renovations

The total amount of Building Permit Fees collected was $345,572.00, which is
an increase of $124,000.00 over the 2005 total. The Construction Value of
Building Permits was $35,564,000.00.

I would like to thank the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen for their
support as well as to all of the Town Departments for their help during my first
year and a special thanks to the Department's Secretary Linda Watters for all
her hard work during 2006.

Respectfully Submitted,

Douglas Jeffery        
Inspector of Buildings
Zoning Enforcement Officer
Inspector of Buildings 2006 Annual Report
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