To the Honorable Board of Selectmen and the Inhabitants of the Town of Abington:

The Park and Recreation Commission submit its 123rd Annual Report on the
operation of the Park and Recreation Department to the Townspeople of Abington.

At the annual town elections, Cathleen A. Smith did not seek reelection and Scott D.
Tomlin was elected to fill the vacant position.

Organizing for the year, Steven J. Wakelin was elected Chair, Christopher Trucchi
elected vice-chair, and Scott D. Tomlin elected as Secretary.

The Park and Recreation Commissioners would like to thank Cathleen Smith for her
dedicated years of service on the Park and Recreation Commission.

The formal dedication and grand opening of the new millennium project was on May
15th. The project was constructed with private donations on approximately 8 acres of
town-owned land adjacent to the High School and the Town Offices and Library
complex. This recreation area consists of a new rubberized running track, a new
playing field the track, new facilities for discus, shot put, long jump, high jump and
javelin events, an equipment storage building with a concession area and public rest
rooms, an irrigation system, a new weight training facility, and a community
bandstand with a large lawn seating area.

Many residents, young and old, who took a celebratory first walk around the new
track, and who enjoyed the first day long concert, attended the grand opening.

All fields remain extremely busy from late March until late November. We are seeing
more players, more teams, and more leagues on our fields now than we have ever
seen before. As these youth programs continue to grow, our fields are receiving less
and less time to recover from the use. The Commission and the youth organizations
have worked very closely trying to plan schedules so fields have a chance to rest
and recover.

During the winter months, equipment and manpower were made available to the
Highway Department for snow and ice removal.

Other unseasonable chores include bench and bleacher repair, maintaining all small
engine power equipment, maintenance of all larger landscape equipment such as
riding mowers, walk behind mowers and mowing decks.

Removal of dead trees, limbs, and brush cutting in Island Grove was a rnajor project
to upgrade this historic site.  

General maintenance and upkeep of the 70+ acres of Town property, park and fields
was done on a daily basis.

The Commission and the Park and Recreation Department assisted with The Cancer
Relay for Life and many other one events.

The 26th Annual Charles F. Whitman Senior Citizen's Cookout was held in August.
There were over 200 Senior Citizens in attendance that enjoyed the festivities of the
day. The Commission would like to extend Thank yous to all cooks and servers and
especially to our sponsor, the North Abington Cooperative Bank. Also thank you to
the Businesses in Town that donated prizes for the raffle.

All of the programs, except for a small portion of the staffing at Island Grove, offered
by the Park and Recreation Department is self funded.

Funding was again a  major problem, as was the case, with all departments and as
late as June, there were questions as to whether the Island Grove swim area and the
Eager Beaver program would open for the summer. With some late funding, the
Island Grove swim area and the Eager Beaver program opened.

The Island Grove and the Eager Beaver Programs are under the supervision of Mr.
Clifford Murray, Recreation Director/Aquatics Director and Melissa Sulmonte, Eager
Beaver Program Coordinator. A great deal of credit for the smooth operation of the
past summer was the work of a diligent trained staff at Island Grove and Eager
Beaver. The Park and Recreation Commission would to thank all summer staff
members for going to extra mile to make these two programs so successful this past

Other Recreational Programs included Men's/Women's' over 30 Basketball, Co-Ed
Adult Volleyball, Adult Tennis Lessons, Youth Tennis Clinic, Girls Basketball Camps,
Baseball Camp, Drama Workshops, and the Fastbreak Basketball Camp

In all Recreational Activities the Commission tries to hire Abington Residents or
Students as the Counselors or Instructors for all of its programs.

In closing, the Commission believes that the department is able to offer the taxpayers
of Abington a good service thanks to the efforts of many organizations. The
Commission would like to express its gratitude to all the Organizations, Clubs, other
Town Departments and Citizens of Abington who have helped over the years.
Park and Recreation 2005 Annual Report
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