Abington South Weymouth Naval Air Station Reuse Committee met 12 times between
March 2 and the June 20 Town Meeting to review the revised plans submitted by
the South Shore Tri-Town Development Corporation (SSTTDC) and Lennar for approval
by Abington and Rockland Town Meetings and Weymouth Town Council. We defined the
concerns and problems we believed these plans would create for the town and
residents of Abington, defined possible solutions, and presented these concerns and
solutions to the Abington boards involved in preparing for Town Meeting (Board of
Selectmen, Planning Board, and Finance Committee) and to SSTTDC and Lennar. We
also provided our concerns to the public at several meetings and to the newspapers. We
met with James Lavin (Abington's representative on the SSTTDC Board of Directors),
and Terry Fancher, Executive Director for the SSTTDC to try to resolve our issues. We
believe our efforts assisted in obtaining several concessions and changes in plans
important for Abington and its citizens. Some examples are agreement to have an
eastern access operational; before Phase 2 starts, agreements for construction traffic
management plans, assurances on the number of bedrooms that could be constructed,
and agreement to involve Abington town government early in SSTTDC and Lennar's
preparation of environmental impact studies for Commonwealth approval for the revised

During the first 6 months of 2005, our committee members attended many meetings
hosted by SSTTDC, Lennar, and Abington Boards besides the 12 committee meetings.
As chairman I wish to thank all members for their dedication and hard work - Dan Crane
(Town Planner), Bruce Hughes (Clerk), Jackie Ranous, Henry Sirignano
(Vice-Chalirman), and John Stark, We also want to thank James Lavin for his assistance,
the information he provided and his constant attendance at our meetings; and Terry
Fancher for frequently meeting with us and trying to reach a joint resolution to our
concerns. We wish to thank the Town Hall staff of the Town Manager and Planning
Board for their asstance and Mary Cordeiro of the SSTTDC for her constant help.
Finally, we wish to express our appreciation to Jackie Ranous who resigned for our
committee in late 2005 because she is moving from Abington. Jackie has represented,
and fought for, the Town Abington and it's citizens for 30 years on South Weymouth
Naval Air Station issues (besides also serving on other committees such as the Finance
Committee).. Her dedication, vast knowledge and experience, and her ability to work with
others on this issue have been invaluable to Abington and will be sorely missed.

Respectfully Submitted

Joseph Shea, Chairperson
South Weymouth Naval Air Station Committee
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