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05/05/2007  Southfield Developers Have a Long To Do List
05/05/2007  Air Base Planning History
05/05/2007  Southfield: New Development Pattern
05/05/2007  Air Base Construction Begun; Likely to Change South Shore Forever
05/17/2007  Navy gets Bid - TriTown Panel Hopes to Get Title Soon
05/24/2007  Air Base Road Will Serve as Shortcut
04/20/2007  Base Prepares to Take off
04/20/2007  New Airbase Parkway Design Studied
04/13/2007  Ex-Sox GM Helps Present Plans for Sports Complex at Base
04/12/2007  Recreational Sports Complex to be Unveiled for Air Base
03/28/2007  Former Base to Increase Security
03/13/2007  MBTA Approval Needed for NAS Parkway Rerouting
03/02/2007  Major Air-base Issues Get Scrutiny
02/27/2007  Let's Clarify the Time Frame for Route 18 Widening
02/03/2007  Base Work Foes Dealt (Another) Legal Blow
01/27/2007  Base Work Foes Dealt Legal Blow
01/09/2007  Be Vigilant About air-Base Revenues, Residents Urged
12/21/2006  Base Construction Prepares for Takeoff
12/21/2006  Air Station Development in Court
11/28/2006  Former AirBase Taking Off
11/23/2006  State Won't Rule on Disposition of Cash by Tri-Town
11/05/2006  Cleanup lags; base project to start
10/27/2006  Airbase Development Update
10/26/2006  Base Cleanup & Transfer Urged
10/18/2006  Judge rejects effort to stop base development
10/13/2006  Should Base's Excess Revenue be distributed to towns?
10/11/2006  Judge hears request on Air Base Development
09/22/2006   Air Base Project Traffic to be Heavier
07/14/2006 Tri-Town & LNR recieve environmental award
11/17/2005   Work at NAS to begin in spring
06/06/2007  Former Naval Air Base May Go Hollywood
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07/26/2007  A Big Go-ahead for Base Project
07/05/2007  Film Studio Sought at Naval Base
06/16/2007 Navy, developers at Odds Over Contaminated Soil
08/25/2007  Airbase residential units could open in 2009
News Articles - Police Logs
08/30/2007 Real plans needed before concessions are made (air base)
08/31/2007 Paving the way for Southfield housing
10/27/2007 Route 18 traffic to get worse
11/16/2007 SouthField parkway needed to open up former air base for development
11/21/2007 Patrick backs airbase roadway
12/11/2007 Former base overseer seeks to extend life
12/28/2007 Air base plan may hinder on bill
01/08/2008 Water for SouthField increased
01/15/2008 Naval base meeting date not yet set
01/19/2008 Air base mapped
01/20/2008 Air station agency will push for extension
01/20/2008 Readers view: Unite against extension
01/23/2008 Mayor wants new terms on water supply;  To seek premium rate for SouthField
01/30/2008 Funding for base parkway on runway
02/08/2008 Pact close on supplying water to base
03/21/2008 Naval Air Station Development Report - Notice of Change 2/29/2008
11/17/2005   Patriot Ledger Stories - 9/24/2004 - 7/26/2005
03/21/2008 Naval Air Station Construction Update
03/24/2008 SouthField pitches movie studio
03/25/2008 Navy, Tri-Town agree to transfer entire South Weymouth NAS property
04/04/2008 Beacon Hill committee backs bill to extend Tri Town control of air base to 2053
04/09/2008 Patrick expected to tout air base project
04/10/2008 Moviemaking at former South Weymouth air base closer to reality
04/10/2008 Tri-town members depart: Resignations lead to air base board shake-up
04/18/2008 SouthField’s entertainment value soars
04/24/2008 Patrick to visit SouthField Thursday
04/25/2008 Governor tours SouthField
04/30/2008 Former air base - Hollywood East - WBZTV
05/03/2008 Air base developer and movie execs would work together on film studio
05/06/2008 Fancher retiring from Tri-Town Board
05/07/2008 Fancher to step down from Weymouth air base job
05/23/2008 Air base developers vow to stay aloft
05/23/2008 Weymouth studio exec fires back at Plymouth Rock Studios founder’s ‘copycat’ comment
06/27/2008 Southfield Development Calendar (Former naval air station)
07/22/2008 Rockland officials hope to unlock gate to Southfield
08/14/2008 New bill recasts Tri-Town as its own municipal body
08/16/2008 Weymouth air base developer says movie studio proposal still on track
08/23/2008 Weymouth uneasy about Rockland wanting to open base gate
10/11/2008 Weymouth air base transfer delayed until late November
10/26/2008 Air base firm loses $250,000 is state cut
11/08/2008 SouthField update
12/12/2008 SouthField project may get stimulus money
12/20/2008 Group signs pact for first commercial project at Weymouth air base movie studio
01/12/2009 Weymouth’s SouthField project at top of list for federal stimulus money
01/13/2009 Tri-Town delays decision on hiring of air base boss
01/18/2009 Tri-Town taps Kevin Donovan for CEO job
01/24/2009 New tri-Town CEO has long history with project
01/27/2009 Tri-Town CEO to make $130K
03/17/2009 Southfield (former Weymouth Naval Air Base) turns green into silver
03/18/2009 Weymouth Air Base deal delayed again
03/19/2009 Architect chosen for Weymouth air base movie studio complex
02/19/2009 Contractor for Weymouth air base parkway to be selected
02/19/2009 A history of The South Weymouth Naval Air Station
03/20/2009 Navy stalls South Weymouth Naval Air Station land transfer -- VIDEO
03/21/2009 Plot thickens for two South Shore movie studios
03/28/2009 Weymouth air base road eligibility delayed
03/28/2009 Abington fire union opposes sprinkler by-law
04/04/2009 Federal credit could give lift to Weymouth air base project
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04/18/2009 Patriot Ledger OPINION: SouthField problems raise questions about its viability
04/27/2009  Weymouth airbase developer extends financing deadline
04/28/2009  Weymouth air base pipeline not starting in 2010
04/30/2009  Rockland to vote on Union Street gate proposal
04/30/2009 'Bio-ready' communities in state named
05/05/2009  Rockland votes to keep Union Street out of Southfield
05/31/2009 Spending cuts on tap in Abington
06/13/2009 Squabbling stalls South Weymouth Naval Air Station redevelopment
06/16/2009 Agency wants Navy to cut price on land
06/18/2009 SouthField Studios Boston ready to start accepting tenants at Weymouth site
06/18/2009 Road construction to former Naval Air Station likely this summer
06/18/2009 Work on Weymouth filmmaking studio nears action
06/23/2009 Federal bill may allow “no cost” SouthField transfer
07/01/2009 Tri-Town turns down money, says too many strings attached
07/26/2009 Congress to hammer out differences on bill that could accelerate SouthField development
11/14/2009 Weymouth’s SouthField project still stuck on the runway
11/17/2009 Intense local interests could hamper Southfield project in Weymouth
11/17/2009 Meet the players in the redevelopment of the Weymouth air base
11/17/2009 ENTERPRISE OPINION: Time for aggressive intervention at SouthField
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11/17/2009 DEVENS: A base redevelopment formula that works
11/19/2009 Patrick, Delahunt press Navy for price break on former Weymouth air station
11/21/2009 Movie studio plan is in LNR’s script for former South Weymouth NAS
11/25/2009 SouthField update
12/01/2009 Air base developers seek free land deal
12/06/2009 Local group gets $50,000 grant to look at air base cleanup
01/21/2010 Airbase developer’s parent company seeking restructuring advice
12/12/2009 Navy agrees to review price for base parcel
12/11/2009 Navy air base land to be reappraised
02/25/2010 Gov. Patrick: Southfield deal ‘weeks’ away
04/17/2010 No progress for SouthField project
11/19/2009 DELAYED TAKEOFF: Developing the Weymouth air base
05/02/2010 Tri-Town Development to pay developer $9.7 million to buyback land
06/17/2010 Former Weymouth Naval Air Station informational public meeting
05/06/2010 Parkway at former South Weymouth air base closer to construction
07/01/2010 Governor Patrick signs $27.6 billion state budget
06/25/2010 Cleanup at base a focus of meeting
07/14/2010 Groundbreaking for air base parkway scheduled for July 26
07/16/2010 Navy urged to dump soil disposal plan for Naval Air Station
07/18/2010 Governor visits Abington road project
07/27/2010 Shovels hit the ground for SouthField parkway
07/29/2010 Former Weymouth base parkway construction ready for takeoff
08/02/2010 Green light for air base project
08/22/2010 Tri-Town buys back naval airbase land in South Weymouth
SSTTDC Annual Reports and Minutes of Meetings
09/20/2010 Tri-Town Development Corp. hires ex-Weymouth finance officer
10/10/2010 Abington Town Manager addresses LNR agreement
10/13/2010 Kevin Chase offers updates on SouthField
10/14/2010 Weymouth, Abington receive SouthField payments
11/24/2010 What's new at Southfield
12/02/2010 So. Shore TriTown Dev't Corp - Annual Reports and Meeting Minutes
01/11/2011 Officials, developers tout first home construction at SouthField
03/01/2011 Environmental report details contamination at former South Weymouth Naval Air Station
04/01/2011 Ledger opinion: Navy right to ensure it hasn’t undervalued land
04/06/2011 Editorial (next item) wrong to imply LNR against SouthField deal with Navy
03/02/2011 Former Abington selectman looking to recapture position
03/06/2011 Tri-Town CEO urged to not run for Abington selectman
05/04/2011 SouthField developer closes fourth deal for new housing
05/10/2011 Developer to build 226 apartments at former South Weymouth Naval Air Station
05/10/2011 SouthField Development to host Memorial Day services on May 28
06/13/2011 Tri-Town Development Corp. employees to get pay raises
06/19/2011  Meeting on naval air station
07/22/2011 VIDEO: Deal with Navy for Weymouth air base still on, Patrick aide says
07/31/2011 $25m deal over ex-Navy base land
08/18/2011 South Shore Tri-Town Dev't. Corp looking for veterans to fill jobs
08/19/2011 Southfield at a glance
09/01/2011 South Shore naval base clears major hurdle toward redevelopment
10/05/2011 Cleanup plan questioned as Southfield deadline nears
10/13/2011  South Weymouth air base cleanup questioned  
10/20/2011 Weymouth councilors tell Navy that air base land should be free
10/23/2011 Enterprise OPINION: Navy should not shirk its responsibility at SouthField
11/06/2011 Decades later, cleanup continues at naval base
11/15/2011 $25M deal reached for ex-Mass. Naval air base    $2.5 billion redevelopment moves ahead
12/14/2011 Final piece of puzzle falls in place at former South Weymouth air base
12/14/2011 Final piece of puzzle falls in place at former South Weymouth air base
02/02/2012 South Weymouth hangar's days are numbered
03/17/2012 Weymouth air base hangar will soon give way to road
04/19/2012 New firm picked to market commercial space at SouthField
04/19/2012 Weymouth eager to be paid for police, school services at Southfield
06/30/2012 Some Weymouth councilors balk at air base developer's water study
06/28/2012 Brockton among water sources eyed for big Weymouth development
07/15/2012 Water study at former airbase raises questions
08/04/2012 Weymouth air base redevelopment takes off      New homes at former naval air station
09/16/2012 SOUTHFIELD: Developing the Weymouth air base
10/05/2012 Tri-Town, Weymouth at odds over SouthField student costs
10/21/2012 Weymouth, SouthField haggle over cost of educating children on former naval airbase
10/31/2012 Rockland, Weymouth looking for revenue from SouthField3
11/12/2012 3 fallen soldiers honored at SouthField dedication ceremony
01/25/2013 SouthField’s master developer LNR is sold for $1 billion
01/25/2013 Weymouth officials don't expect LNR sale to affect SouthField plans
01/27/2013 Housing unfolds at former air base
05/20/2013 Tri-Town board members defend against critical audit
05/17/2013 OUR OPINION: Auditor’s report on SouthField raises concerns
05/13/2013 Audit finds lack of oversight, financial planning threaten SouthField development
06/18/2013 Weymouth Town Council to delve into critical SouthField audit
06/14/2013 SouthField still waiting for commercial development boom
06/04/2013 Developer plans to build new apartment building at SouthField
07/29/2013 Company redeveloping former Weymouth air base wants to change the master plan
08/17/2013 Ledger's OUR OPINION: Change at SouthField must start at the top
08/15/2013 SOUTHFIELD: Frustration builds from various sides
08/14/2013 New roads to increase access to SouthField
08/13/2013 Developers say SouthField plans must change or progress will stop
08/05/2013 SOUTHFIELD: parkway to be named for Delahunt
10/02/2013 Health study of former South Weymouth Naval Air Station stirs controversy
09/29/2013 State to release report on disease near base
10/19/2013 Air base clean-up plans to be outlined at meeting
10/16/2013 Weymouth Councilors discuss SouthField plan
10/11/2013 Ledger OPINION: Changes must be made to SouthField legislation ...
10/09/2013 Weymouth councilors suggest they'll be tough sell on SouthField ...
10/08/2013 SouthField developer's proposed changes get mixed reaction ...
10/07/2013 Southfield developers propose big changes
10/23/2013 Towns want greater say on SouthField changes
11/26/2013 SouthField: Tri-Town board CEO advises careful reading of legislation
11/18/2013 SouthField developer sees budget boost for Weymouth if changes
11/18/2013 Tri-Town gets positive follow-up review after scathing state audit
11/05/2013 Tri-Town seeks sit-down with towns, SouthField developer
10/29/2013 SouthField residents blast Tri-Town mailing as 'propaganda'
12/13/2013 Residents' group backs proposed changes
12/13/2013 Weymouth school official concerned about SouthField costs
12/19/2013 OUR OPINION: Cooler heads must prevail
12/17/2013 Board accuses developer of violating contract
01/03/2014 SouthField starts 2014 in uncertain territory
12/21/2013 Starwood exec shoots back
01/17/2014 SOUTHFIELD: Developing the Weymouth air base
01/14/2014 Rockland selectman presents alternative proposal for SouthField
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