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In the Boston Globe's "Community Briefing" section on November 5, 2006 there is
a report by Robert Carroll  that there is still "infighting" on the Health Board despite
Roger Atkinson's appointment to the board and selection as Chairman.  Two
members of the board did not show up at a meeting of the board on October 26th
due to previous engagements.  Board Member Creighton stated that "This vote
was taken on a Thursday night.  We always meet on Mondays.  The Town Charter
says I'm suppose to receive 48 hours notice of any meeting and I didn't find out
until the day of the meeting."  When Creighton asked for an audio tape of the
meeting he was told by Atkinson that he would need to pay $7.50 for it.  Creighton
said, "I'm a member of the board and I have to pay to get a tape copy?  I've never
had to do that before."  The article said that Atkinson was not available for