09/02/2006  Health Agent Accepts Contract
09/01/2006  Digging up Trouble
08/25/2006  Landfill Work Draws Ire
08/22/2006  Health Agent Ultimatum?
08/16/2006  Did Health Board violate open meeting  law?
08/11/2006  Health Agent Takes Sick Leave
08/10/2006  Health Dept. Disputes Probed
08/09/2006  State wants Health Dept. documents
07/07/2006  Consultant hired to investigate harassment charge
06/27/2006  Health Board meets behind closed doors
06/13/2006  BOH forwards IG report to District Attorney
06/06/2006  No Missing Money
06/02/2006  IG Report
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09/13/2006  Health Agent Back from Medical Leave
09/14/2006  10K in Receipts Still Missing
10/04/2006  Health Board Chairman Resigns
10/17/2006  Discord on Abington Board Ends Meeting
10/24/2006  Boards Select Health Board Chairman
10/24/2006  Meeting Violations Charged
11/05/2006  Health Board still squabbling
11/11/2006  Abington Meeting Records Questioned
11/16/2006  Letter to the Editor - Brockton Enterprise
11/17/2006  Letter to the Editor - Abington Mariner
11/26/2006  Abington Officals Seek Board Minutes
12/05/2006  Board of Health in Shambles
12/08/2006  Members Critical of Meeting Change
12/14/2006  DA Refuses to Probe Abington Health Board
12/17/2006  Thumbs Down
12/29/2006  Atkinson: Creighton should consider opting out
02/05/2007  Two Seek Return to Abington Health Board Seats
02/22/2007  Abington Health Board Member Quits
02/27/2007  Abington Voters Asked to Fire Board
03/02/2007  Will Abington Voters Give Up the Right to Vote
03/07/2007  Two More Resign Abington Health Board
03/08/2007  Abington Health Board Agenda Frozen
03/11/2007  Selectmen Favor Appointments
03/11/2007  Abington Health Board Collapses in Strife
03/13/2007  Abington Mulls Plan to Appoint Health Board
03/16/2007  Ill Feelings on Health Board
03/26/2007  Patriot Ledger View - Appointed Health Board Good - Putting Health
Agent                        under the jurisdiction of Town Manager Bad
04/12/2007  Proposals by Interim Health Board Chair "Out of Whack"
04/19/2007  Ethics Commission to Take No Action Against Former Health Board Member
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07/17/2007  Health Board Chairman Steps Down
07/27/2007  Health Board Member's Action Called into Question
07/27/2007  Norton Resigns as Health Board Chairman
06/19/2007  Health Board Member Withdraws Complaint of Open Meeting Violation
09/05/2007  Mosquito-borne virus found in town
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09/05/2007  Abington apartment condemned
09/16/2007  Test finds water at Early Childhood Center relatively free of lead
09/16/2007  Abington health board secretary files complaint
09/18/2007  Nothing funny about Abington Board of Health
09/22/2007  Abington board chair requests e-mail access
10/04/2007  Abington board member questions closed meeting
10/16/2007  Phone dispute erupts at Health Board meeting
10/29/2007 Abington board may seek to discipline health agent
10/30/2007 Abington board skips closed session
11/09/2007 Health Agents contract challenged
11/18/2007 Abington health agent seeking $500,000
12/05/2007 Health Board adopts policies
02/09/2008 Mouse drop-ins creating nuisance at high school
02/11/2008 Creighton's request for health board rejected
03/08/2008 Mouse problem under control at Abington High School
03/13/2008 Abington Board of health member not seeking reelection
03/23/2008 Creighton in 2009?
03/24/2008 Outgoing health board member says thank you
04/09/2008 Trash talk continues: Town Meeting reconvenes tonight