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January - Senior Informer
A quick reminder of what we are about:







ARE YOU OK? -  free program will increase your sense of security

Recently an Abington elder died at home - the body was not discovered for one week.   Seniors living alone, you don’t want to face that indignity at the end of life. There is a solution: the ARE YOU OK? program - and it is free!   The Sheriff’s Dept (Officer Carol Schneider) computer-telephones a Senior at home every day at the same time – you choose the time of day.  If you don’t answer after 2 calls, help is enlisted to make sure you are OK.  If you will not be home, you simply let the program know ahead of time.  Enroll in ARE YOU OK? today – Call 781-982-2146.      

Valentine’s Day Lore       Tie a blue satin ribbon around your bare ankle & you’ll be kissed by day’s end.  

In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a young woman was a proposal of marriage and catching it was acceptance.

Th. Feb. 15 “Day after Valentines” Lunch 11:15, $2.50,door prizes, candy!  Sign up by Feb 8  - 781-982-2146


Fuel Assistance - Volunteers Mary Cooke & Bill Kendall help folks complete the application for fuel assistance.  You do not have to be an elder to receive this help from the Council on Aging.  Call 781-982-2146 for free appointment – either Tues or Thurs morning, at Town Hall, Abington. 

Income Tax Time Again! Senior Income Tax assistance available - free.  Volunteers Greg Doyon and Bud Wheaton will be with again this season to help Seniors prepare and file simple tax returns.  Tues/Thurs mornings from Feb. 6 – April 12, at the Council on Aging. Call 781-982-2146 for appointment.  1st come, 1st served. 


What were you doing during the Blizzard of ’78??     (29 years ago)

I was working at the (Franklin Park) Zoo.  Some of the caretakers skied in to take care of the animals.   Joanne Curtis

I was walking on top of cars at the Veterans Hospital Brockton, where I worked.                                       Phil Caplice

Stationed in CT(Navy) -called police to bring my wife home, she was a nurse stranded after 32 hr  work.  Stan Shura

I was being courted by my husband-to-be, Jim.  We did enjoy the snow for the most part.                   Nancy Roberts 

Brother & I shoveled…Marty C & I put on cross country skis and skied to Trucchis….                           Marge Edson

Met all the neighbors I never knew.  No work - Governor Dukakis paid each person’s salary.               Wanda Farrar

I was at the beach in West Palm Beach Florida getting a sun tan (saw storm on news).                       Connie Rhodes                  

pg. 2

The Oldest Man (T.O.M.) in Abington may also be the funniest.  Don Atwood (99) moved between home and hospital, rehab, etc.  When asked,  Where are you living now?” he replied, “I’m living in a Senior moment!” 


SERVE: a smart way to get healthy food!  Volunteer two hours per month in the community, get food package $20.  Call Phil Vargus, 781-878-4921, for further information.    


 Happy  Birthday and thank you to our COA Volunteers

      (Abraham Lincoln & George Washington also)

    Feb. 2    Natalie Walker           Feb. 3   Florence Severin

    Feb. 4     Valerie Barry            Feb. 12   Bob Donlan

    Feb. 22    Kate Kelley              Feb. 27    Betty Berry  


Family Caregiver Support Program - free services to those caring for loved ones 60 or older. Call Old Colony Elderly Services (800)242-0246 ext. 245



Reverse Mortgage must be 62 to participate.  House rich, cash poor? Reverse Mortgage allows you to use your home equity to pull out cash for any use.  Don’t  pay back until you move or home is sold. Connect with Specialist John Fournier, call the COA 78-982-2146.



From Time to Time someone offers a used lift-chair, stair climber, etc. Get on list if interested for next time. 982-2146 


(Social Club) Senior Citizens Association, an active social club for Abington residents who have passed the 59th birthday. Meets 2nd Monday each month at 12noon, VFW Hall on Central St.   $7 to join,  $5 yearly dues.       


                                                Abington SENIOR CENTER FUND                                        pg  3

The Senior Center Fund has a new address for donations. P.O. Box 2035, Abington MA 02351

Memberships and Donations – make checks payable to “Senior Center Fund”             Membership: $5.

Iva Dix                                                 Carl Franzen                                        Russell & Lucille Phillips                                     Kenneth & Dorothy Taylor                     Frank Taylor                                         Meredith Turcotte

                                                           Jacqueline Whitten                               Biz (Beaton) Zaleski

In memory of Paul Cheverie, by Carmela Cheverie

In memory of daughter Carole Marsh, by Rita Webster 

In memory of Clara McIlvain, by Franklin School Brockton, David/Judith Stevens, Senior Citizen Association

In memory of Colin Whalen, by Arthur and Joan Whalen

Lifetime Memberships $100

Anne Nelson, in memory of John, Paul and Sam

Walter (Skip) Pulsifer, III, in memory of Gertrude Pulsifer

Connie Rhodes, in memory of Emily Jule - and Dusty 

$100 Club

In memory of Alice Adams, by Harry Boulay

Abington VFW Men’s Auxiliary ($200)

Joan McLaughlin


$500 Club     We thank families for selecting Senior Center Fund for gifts in memory of loved ones.

In memory of Mrs. Hazel Weir wife, mother and grandmother, by George Weir and family   

 (George’s 3 children and 6 grandchildren decided to give to charity, rather than holiday presents)

 Thanks to George, Carol, Kevin, Kathleen  and  Jeff, Jen, Scott, Elizabeth, Jake and Avery 

In memory of Leo Natale: (many others were listed in Dec. & Jan. newsletters)               Patricia Bowers           

Nancy Marino        Nancy Montgomery and Florence Frost         William/Mary Roache         Marianne Vezerian


We are so grateful for extremely generous donations to the Senior Center! 

Christmas House Tour ‘06 raised $31,000 WOWEE!   (Co-Chairs Ann Reilly and Amy Barrett)

Anderson Insulation/Beverly Alexandre   $5,000 donation 

Walmart donated $2,350 through its Good Works /and/ Matching Funds programs (Betty Berry, Liaison)

Abington Ale House donated $5,000 via Gift Certificates and thousands more in raffles at the restaurant.


Members & Associates of the committee(s) for Senior Center talk to us about the Senior Center!

Betty Berry                  Paul Chase              Norma Clark                      Bill Cox                        Joanne Curtis

Mary Donlan                Robert Donlan           Rita Estey                       Joe Iacobucci                  Diane Keith

Kate Kelley                 Bill Kendall              Janice King                     David Klein                     Nancy Lehtonen              

Lorraine Leventuk        Jack Libby                Roger Moore                  John Reeves                  Flo Severin               

                                          Joe Shea                         Betty Slinger                  George Whiting



Pg. 4


VOLUNTEER return slip to Abington Council on Aging (Town Hall)or mail to P.O. Box 2035, Abington, MA 02351

I may be able to help with one or more fundraisers for our new Senior Center.   Please call me: (NO obligation)

Name                   __________________________________________________________________


Telephone           __________________________________________________________________




SENIOR CENTER NEWS                                            

The rejoicing continues, as we anticipate getting our future Senior Center built!

Senior Center Committee Co-Chairs:  Joanne Curtis and  Diane Keith Building Chair:   Lorraine Leventuk


The cost of constructing the Senior Center has been guaranteed through a Town vote.  We are still raising money, of course, to furnish the Senior Center - including a stainless steel kitchen, computer lab, supplies, etc. Senior Center fundraising is continuous.  Why not “get on the bandwagon” and volunteer with this great team!  You can dive in fully, or just put a toe in the water by volunteering for just one event.  Either way, you will be happily connected to the Senior Center even before we move in there!           


The design for the Senior Center by Architect Doug Ulwick, will be complete by the time you read this.  If you can read design plans, you are welcome to view the copy we keep in the office.  We also have a 3-D model. 


Fundraisers Available Now:  

Fleece Blanket Patriots/Red Sox,  donated by Judy Young   tickets $5. each – Drawing in February 

Hilliards Candybars – think Valentine’s Day!   $1 per bar



Abington Senior Center Fund Donation                new address          P.O. Box 2035,   Abington, MA 02351

Membership for 2007    $5. per person or  $100. for lifetime membership.


Name        _________________________________________________________________________________


Address   _________________________________________________________________________________


In memory of ______________________________________________________________________________

In honor of    ______________________________________________________________________________


Send acknowledgement to:  __________________________________________________________________




















Pg. 6

RITA’S Trips –    “Carefree Capers”                  Contact Rita Webster directly   781-982-9102

March 15   Tony Kenny’s Ireland – at the Venus de Milo.  He will be bringing his whole show directly from Jury’s

Hotel in Ireland.  $62

April 18-20  Red Sox/Blue Jays & Niagara Falls – Field level box seats at the Rogers Centre (formerly Sky Dome)

retractable roof stadium.  Tour of Niagara Falls, accommodations in Niagara Falls      $229

April 25   Murder at Howard Johnson’s – at the Newport Rhode Island Playhouse.  Excellent buffet lunch and time

at Newport Brick Market Place       $69


Nutrition:  Meals on Wheels and the Senior Luncheon through the Council on Aging    781-982-2146

Meals on Wheels- Are you homebound? Just coming home from hospital or rehab?  Monday – Friday, the Council on Aging offers home-delivered lunches.  We can arrange for a meal right to your door and a volunteer will check in with you.  The cost to the Senior is just $2.50 per meal, payable on Mondays for the week.  (A referral is required of course - from a doctor, visiting nurse, social worker, or case manager.) Call 781-982-2146

Senior Luncheon Thursdays 11:15am a delicious luncheon is served to Seniors age 60 & up. Cost to the Senior is just $2.50.  Location:  The hall in the Baptist Church, 225 Adams St., Abington.  30-40 people join us each week; we have space for 75 people.  Council on Aging will provide a free ride if you need one.  Thursday,  March 15th free Senior Luncheon sponsored by Abington Rotary, hall at Baptist Church, 11:15am                    


Transportation for Seniors  Weather permitting

Council on Aging Van rides Mon – Fri  9am to 2pm   Dial-A-Bat rides available from 9:30am–4:30pm, Mon-Fri. 

All rides must be booked in advance.  Call 781-982-2146 to book rides for either type of transportation.

Council on Aging Van  - Winter Message If Abington schools are closed due to ice and snow, the Council on Aging van will not operate.  Safety must always come first!     



COA OUTREACH  and  Volunteer S.H.I.N.E. Counselor       Norma Clark, 781-982-2146

Part D (Medicare Prescription coverage) is closed until November, 2007. Prescription Advantage (Rx Adv.) is closed indefinitely (unless you are a new resident of Massachusetts, or between age 65 and 66). I would like to request that any Senior still needing to solve a problem with either Part D or Rx Adv call for an appointment before coming to the office.  Sometimes, problems can be solved over the phone, leaving me to spend more of my time on other “Outreach” issues. Appointments are always appreciated; they help me to plan my time and to be where I can do the most good for the most people.  I do want to help, just call first if you can. I am not in office Wed.  


Commonwealth Care - insurance plan for anyone in MA “uninsured”. You or your adult children, if uninsured and NOT eligible for Medicaid (income less than $29,412)yearly, may be eligible.   Thank you.  Norma Clark, Outreach         



Elder Law Attorney George Whiting founded this free law                                                               pg. 7

clinic at the Council on Aging.   Consult the specialist about

general law issues Seniors may have.  Call 781-982-2146.  

Old  Colony Elderly Services:  (OCES) providing care

to Elders and/or their caretakers,  to  enable seniors  to  live

independently in their homes as long as it is safe for them to

do so. Call Norma Clark, COA, 781-982-2146 to activate a

referral, or call 508-584-1561 yourself.


MOVIE Showings 10:15am, Abington Library.   Free.

Tues, Feb 6  Little Miss Sunshine”- all star comedy

Tues, Feb 20“Love’s Abiding Joy”wholesome drama  


Scam - neither Medicare nor Social Security call Seniors

at home out of the blue.  We hear that criminals call, asking

Seniors for social security or Medicare numbers, bank accounts,

etc.  Not expecting a criminal to be calling, folks sometimes do

unwittingly give these numbers to the caller.   Do not do this!  


N.E. Pension Assistance Project: A worker or surviving

spouse may not even know about (or what became of)

pension plan(s).  Pension Project at U Mass Boston,

helps Seniors find pensions, recover benefits, understand

plans, Social Security & etc.  Call Toll free   888-425-6067 


Fri. Shopping Bus, year round.  Morning trip to a different

shopping locale each Friday.  Call Shopping Coordinator,

Natalie Walker, or the COA, for more information.         


Announcement:   Many remember Norma Cheney Kent.

Did you know that Norma founded a counseling center for

Abington and the surrounding communities? The Center office

is located downstairs at the United Church, Rt 18.  Counseling

for Seniors might involve discussing family, aging issues, maybe

losses which come. Visits covered by Medicare, sliding fee or

free. Call 781-878-0199 for more information. Confidential.  


It’s all about Attitude: If I can walk and talk and see and

pee, I’m not complaining.               (submitted by Adele D.)


Attend Open Meetings

Council on Aging Board   9am,  3rd Wed. of month,  Town Hall

Senior Center Committee 10am, 3rd Wed. of  month, Town Hall

Building Committee (eve)  7pm,  3rd Mon. of month,  Town Hall


Pg. 8

SUPPORT GROUPS  Open to the public – no charge

Bereavement Group – Abington, meets once per month at the Library, 1st Thursday, 6:30pm            

** Norma Cheney Kent Counseling Center -Abington, covered by Medicare, sliding fee, free  781-878-0199

Alzheimers Support – Abington – Colony House, 277 Washington St. - monthly, 4th Monday, 5-6pm     

Better Breathers -      Brockton Hospital assembly room - last Tues,  2 - 3:15pm

Caregivers Support - Rockland Council on Aging, 394 Union St., Rockland, 4th Monday 1pm  

Grandparents Caring for GrandchildrenBrockton, 1st Fri. 10- 2,  Call 508-586-1667 (children welcome)   


Senior Safe-keeping  1) Look at your driver’s license.  Is your license number your social security number? Oh oh.  Change that immediately, to number assigned by the Registry.   2) Look at your checkbook.  Is your whole name printed? Is your phone number or social security number included?  Oh oh.  Use your initials rather than your first and middle name.  Never offer your social security number.  3) Photocopy the contents of your wallet.  Keep this information in a safe place in case of emergency or loss.  (submitted by Joanne MacNeill)


My Mom gave me “365 Great Things about Getting Older” calendar–I will share some quotes!   -   Linda

“Age puzzles me.  I thought it was a quiet time.  My seventies were interesting and fairly serene but my eighties are passionate.  I grow more intense with age.”                                                         Florida Scott-Maxwell              


Senior Informer via e-mail   Send your e-address to:

Abington website w/Council on Aging information! (thanks Paul Cahill)

COA Calendar