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           Senior Informer


Just a quick note to say hello and introduce myself.  My name is Mary Beth Lawton and I just started as
the Director, Council on Aging.  I’m looking forward to working on behalf of the seniors in this wonderful
community.  It’s my hope to meet as many of you as I can throughout the upcoming year and hear your
ideas and suggestions.  
Now that we can look forward to a new Senior Center sometime in the   near future, I’ll be working with
town officials and our Senior Center Building Committee to make sure that the project moves forward.  

How exciting...a building where seniors can come and socialize with friends and neighbors enjoying
movies, activities and companionship.

See you soon !

Mary Beth Lawton
Director, COA

P.S. Did you know we have volunteers who will take you in to Boston for a doctors visit or see a loved
one in the hospital ? There is no cost to you but since we love our volunteers and want them to stick
around, it would be nice if you paid for their gas and gave them a great big THANK YOU.  


I was born on June 14, 1777 in Philadelphia.  My 13 stripes alternate red and white, with a union of 50
stars in a field of blue, one for each of the 50 sovereign states in the greatest constitutional republic the
world has ever known.  I embody American freedom: freedom of speech, religion, assembly , the press
and the sanctity of the home.  I am as old as my nation.  Guard me well, lest your freedom perish from the
          Ruth Apperson Rous                                                                                                 

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Happy Birthday and Thank You To Our COA Volunteers !
June 6 Victor Kahwajy,          June 15 Lorraine Leventuck,
June 16 Connie Sheridan,    June 23 Millie Vitali,                June 30 Shirley McIver

                  HEALTH AND ASSISTANCE
Walk-In Health Screening for Blood Pressure, Sugar Testing, Nutrition and Weight Counseling are held
most Tues/Thurs 9-11 at 100 Lincoln Blvd. in the VNA Room; the 3rd. Wed. of the month 10-11 at 585
Chestnut Street, Bldg. 1*2 alternate and the 2nd. Thursday of the month 10-11 at
71 Shaw Ave.
         All Seniors Are Welcome At ALL Sessions

Free Hearing Screenings and Hearing Aid Checks are held the first Tuesday of each month at the
Council on Aging at Town Hall with John Klefeker. Call for appt. 781-982-2146.

                          Call 781-982-2145

Council on Aging Van is door-to-door service to medical appointments, bank, hairdresser, pharmacy,
library, etc. $3 round trip.  Also available for grocery shopping. Free rides to COA activities & luncheon.
Call the COA  at 781-982-2145 or 2146 to book rides in advance.

Dial-A-BAT vehicles travel a bit further out, to Brockton and the Bridgewaters between 9:30 and 4:30 and
to Boston Mon-Wed-Fri.  BAT rides must be booked thru the COA. Fees vary. Door-to-door-pay driver.

Friday Morning Shopping Bus travels to mall (Hanover, Westgate or Kingston).  Plenty of room for
bundles.  Several pick-up sites. Call Natalie Walker 781-878-4543 for more bus info. Unless more seniors
take advantage of this bus it will have to be discontinued.

                           Call 781-982-2145

Meals on Wheels delivered to homebound Seniors, lunchtime Mon-Fri, $2.50 per meal. Our wonderful
volunteers deliver nutritious meals right to your kitchen table. A referral is needed from your doctor,
visiting nurse, social worker or case worker.

Senior Luncheon on Thursdays at 11:15 am at the Baptist Church Hall. Reservations are needed. $2.50
during the school year only. Come and meet up with a friend you haven’t seen for ages or bring a friend
with you.

            For Appointment or Connection Call  781-982-2145

Elder Law Clinic founded by Atty. George Whiting held at the COA on the 3rd.Monday morning monthly.  
Meet confidentially-Atty. Whiting will address questions & offer general guidance.

Reverse Mortgage House rich, cash poor ? John Fournier at the COA on the 3rd.Wednesday monthly to
describe reverse mortgage. Must be 62 years of age. No credit or income requirements.

Auto Repair expert Mark Jamieson will talk to your mechanic as a “second opinion”.

Moving ? George Weir will give helpful tips about moving.

Banking Hal Norton will answer questions concerning all aspects of banking.

Elder Real Estate Roger Woods and Sue Johnson provide free consult and analysis.

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                       ABINGTON SENIOR CENTER FUND

The Abington Senior Center Fund, also known as “Friends of the Abington Senior Center, would like to
thank both past and present members for their support and contributions.  JUNE 2007 starts a new
membership year with dues of $ 5.00 payable now and good until JUNE 2008.  Please make checks
payable to “Senior Center Fund” and mail to P.O. Box 2035, Abington, MA 02351.

With many thanks to families selecting “Senior Center Fund” for memorial gifts

Do you have a birthday coming ??  Can’t think of  anything you want or need ??
Suggest a donation in your name to the Senior Center Fund

In memory of Gerald Baptiste, by Eva Baptiste              In Memory of Janet Brett, by Ralph Brett
In memory of Mary M. Coughlin, by Edward Coughlin   In memory of Barbara Whitman, by Mary Giniewicz
In memory of Betty Berry, by Marion Hayes                    In memory of Betty Berry, by Kathleen Kelley        
In memory of Edward Kiernan, by Muriel Kiernan         In memory of Ann Brady, by Jim & Kathryn Lavin        
In memory of Barbara Whitman, by Paul McLeod        In memory of Barbara Whitman, by Paul McLeod
In memory of Leo Natale, by the Senior Citizens Assoc. of Abington        
In memory of Ruth St. Charles, by Vinson Blanchard Gardens Assoc.        
In memory of Arthur Walker, by Natalie Walker                                
In memory of Charles Whitman, by Natalie Walker        In memory of Barbara Whitman, by Natalie Walker
In memory of Pat Doherty, by Natalie Walker                 In memory of Ruth St. Charles, by Natalie Walker
In memory of Kathryn by Henry Welch                            In memory of John B. Mahoney,by Rose Mahoney
Anna Fopiano, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. John Price, Jr.        
Daniel Frieburger, in honor of Bud Wheaton
Vincent & Donna Pace, in honor of Greg Doyon                


Patricia Ambrose, Pat Beaulieu, James & Maxine Barry, Ralph Brett, Lawrence Cartier, Dorothy Connell,
Norma Clark, Joan Cummings, Joe & Cheryl D’Antonio, Joanne L. Erickson, Esq. (Lifetime), Daniel
Frieburger, Mary Giniewicz, Judy & Steven Gomes, Fran Greenough, David Kneeland (Lifetime), Diane
LaRose, Eileen Maraget, Paul McLeod, Jeanne Mullin, Len & Chris Murphy, Sue Norton, Patricia Peters,
Marjorie Roberts, Pearl S. Robie, Judy & Roger Roy, Iona Samson, Joseph Saulenas, Jane Shepherd,
Harold & Blanche Sims, Martin Tallent, Rose Thompson, Francis Trecarichi, Millie Vitale, Eleanor &
George Wolowicz, Alfred Wright

                              MUSIC • FOOD • FUN

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Page 5 - Meals on Wheel Menu

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Citizens from around the state have received calls from people claiming to be court officials contacting
them to question their missed jury duty appearance.  When the targeted elder protests ever missing jury
duty, the caller demands personal identifying information such as social security number and date of
birth.  Please be aware that neither the Office of Jury Commisioners nor the courts will ever contact
jurors by telephone regarding their jury service.
If you receive a call claiming that you have missed a jury duty performance, under NO circumstances
should you give the caller your personal information.
For more information you can call the Massachusetts Attorney Generals’ Office at 617-727-8400


New England Sinai Hospital’s Rotary Community Corps of Adult Day Health Programs (RCCADHP) has
scholarship money available to qualified candidates.  The scholarship funds cover up to two days of
attendance at our Adult Day Health Program.  There is no charge to the participant or family.
Please help us spread the word !

Questions ? Call Deb Ribak at 781-297-1375 or Marleen Spengler at 781-297-1368

                                         Rita’s Trips

June 25-26: Turning Stone Resort-This beautiful resort offers a great Gaming Package of $60 coin play,
Dinner Coupon & Breakfast.               $ 135

Aug.10-12: Red Sox/Orioles at Camden Yards. A visit to Wash. D.C. w/ sightseeing inc. WWII and FDR
Memorials, Air & Space Museum.  Enjoy reserved seats to the game. $229 pp/dbl

Sept.3-5: Atlantic City Tropicana.  Includes a $ 20 Cash Bonus, 2 Buffet Brunches and Revue Show.          
$189 pp/dbl

Sept. 21: Bourne Scallop Festival.   Includes B.B.Q. Chicken or Fresh Fried Cape Cod Sea Scallops plus a
90 Minute Canal Boat Cruise.           $ 46

Oct. 2: Lake Winnipesauke Turkey Train. A Scenic Foliage Drive plus a 2-hour Ride along the Lake with a
hand carved Turkey Dinner served at your table.                       $ 58

Carefree Capers by Rita Webster. Give Her a Call at 781-982-9102       

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Father’s Day History—Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th.

"When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man  around. But
when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in 7 years”  Mark Twain

Ironically enough, Father’s Day was begun by a woman.  In 1909, Sonora Louise Smart of Spokane,
Washington was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon.  It made her think about her father, William Smart.  
Smart raised Sonora and her 5 siblings when their mother died in childbirth. Mrs. Dodd wanted to
celebrate a “father’s day” on the first Sunday in June, which was her father’s birthday. She persuaded
the Ministerial Society of Spokane to conduct special church services to salute fathers.  On June 19,
1910, the first Father’s Day was observed.  It was on the third Sunday of June because the Spokane City
Council could not get the resolution read through until the third Sunday. The first proclamations were
given by the mayor of Spokane and the governor of Washington.  Among Mrs. Dodd’s suggestions was
to wear either a red or white rose.  The red would indicate a living father, and a white one would signify
one that had passed away. It was not until 1966 that President Lyndon Johnson signed the presidential
proclamation that declared the third Sunday in June to be Father’s Day. Six years later President Nixon
signed a Congressional resolution which created a permanent national observance of the day.

                                           HAPPY FATHER’S DAY !


1 IN 3 adults over 65 will fall this year. 50% of fall victims fall again within a year. Fall risk is high after
discharge from a hospital. 20% will fall in the first 30 days. Please call our the COA for information about
Lifeline and other response systems.

Many of you have inquired about the new Commonwealth Care Insurance for those 19 and older, not on
Medicaid.  You must be currently uninsured and  a U.S. citizen or qualified alien.  In order to qualify you
must meet income guidelines.  For example, a family of two can’t have income of more than $ 41,070 a
year.  For further information call  1-877-623-6765.

The Abington Art Association has invited our Seniors to any of their planned activities.  Demonstrations
are free and open to all. Call Abington Art Association member Lucy Furlong at 781-857-1721



June 6, 13 & 20 @ 11 am
Abington Public Library

Why a Humor Makeover ?

Because the world we live in can drive you crazy if you can’t laugh at incongruities.


If you commit to spending 30 minutes a day practicing these humor tips, in 3 weeks you will: Surround
yourself with humor and fun that YOU enjoy, become more  playful, laugh more, find humor and fun in
everyday life that you missed before, take a giant step in learning to laugh at yourself, learn how to find
humor in the midst of stress and become a more fun person to be around. Murphy’s Law is right.
Anything that can go wrong, will go the worst possible time. And Murphy was an optimist !!!

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Line Dance Schedule-Call Barbara Reeves 781-878-7320-Donation $ 3.00
Friday  June 1st.- 2:00 P.M. at        St. Bridget’s Parish Hall-Rte. 58
Friday  June 8th.-1:00  P.M. at St. Bridget’s Parish Hall-Rte. 58
Friday  June 15th.-1:00 P.M. at St. Bridget’s Parish H
( This is the last class of the year )
September 14th.– Mark your calendars ! First Class for the Fall !

Have a Great Summer !  Keep Your Feet Dancing !
Dates are subject to change if hall is needed by the parish

ARE YOU O.K. ??? Is a free program sure to increase a Senior’s sense of security.  The sheriff’s
Department telephones by computer to the Senior’s home every day. You choose the time of day. If you
don’t answer the phone after 2 calls, help is enlisted to make sure you are O.K. We wish every senior
that lives alone would sign up for this.

Senior Citizen’s association is an active social club for Abington residents.  Meets 2nd Monday each
month at 12 noon, VFW Hall on Central St. $7 to join, $5 yearly dues. This group has new leadership that
are planning some great and different programs. NO upper age limit, but you must be at least 591/2 years
old. Plan to come to the next meeting on June 11th-come around 11:30 for coffee and…

Walking Club WOW (Walking on Wednesday-seasonally) meets every Wednesday at 9:00 am at Reilly
Field Track next to the Library. Join us when you can, no matter your speed. Call the office (781-982-2145
or 2146) for info or to sign up. By the way, the Walking Club needs a new coordinator. Anyone ???

Senior Center at Massasoit– Call 508-588-9100 Arthritis Aquatics (M-W-F), Senior Chorus (W), Yoga for
Seniors (F), History Reading Group and Senior Net Computer Classes for age 50+

Movie Showings-Suspended Until Further Notice-HOWEVER….We’ve heard how much you miss our
movie showings and we’re working on getting them started back up again.  Stay Tuned !!!

Support Groups– Open to the Public– No Charge

Bereavement Group, Abington, meets once a month at the Library, 1st Th, 6:30 pm;

Norma Kent Counseling Center, covered by Medicare, sliding fee, 781-878-0199;

Alzheimers Support, Colony House, 277 Washington St., monthly, 4th Mon, 5-6 pm and in Brockton at the   
Emmanuel House Assisted Living, 25 E. Nilsson St;

Better Breathers, Brockton Hospital assembly room, last Tues, 2-3:15 pm;

Caregivers Support, Rockland COA, 394 Union St, 4th.Mon, 1 pm;

Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren, Brockton, 1st Fri, 10-2, 508586-1667 (children welcome)