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COA Calendar
                    SATURDAY, MAY 5, 2007, 5-6 P.M. AT THE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST  $7.00
                   Tickets available from Committee members, COA, Bemis Drug.  Limit 100 tickets

SUPPORT GROUPS Open to the public - no charge

Bereavement Group - Abington, meets once per month at the Library, 1st Thursday, 6:30pm free

Norma Kent Counseling Center - Abington,  covered by Medicare, sliding fee 781-878-0199

Alzheimers Support Abington - Colony House, 277 Washington St. - monthly, 4th Monday, 5-6pm
          Also       Brockton - Emmanuel House Assisted Living, 25 E. Nilsson St.

Better Breathers - Brockton Hospital assembly room - last Tues, 2 - 3:15pm

Caregivers Support - Rockland Council on Aging, 394 Union St., Rockland, 4th Monday 1pm

Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren - Brockton, 1st Fri. 10- 2,  Call 508-586-1667 (children welcome)


Fuel Assistance Continues Senior Volunteers Mary Cooke & Bill Kendall help folks complete the application for fuel
assistance. This service is for eligible people of all ages - not limited to Seniors. Call 781-982-2146 for free
appointment at the Council on Aging. We'll tell you what paperwork to bring to appointment.

Certain Entitlements are in place to help Seniors with high expenses. Please take advantage of these opportunities.
Don't let pride prevent you from taking a little bit of help along your way.

Income Tax Assistance continues until April 12th Volunteers Greg Doyon & Bud Wheaton are with us again this
season preparing Senior taxes. Call 781-982-2146 for appointment - we'll tell you what paperwork to bring. New this
year: Refund of Federal TelephonelExcise Tax even if you do not submit a federal tax return, you can receive $30 per
person or $40 per couple. A simple, one-page form is available at the office if you don't file an Income Tax. Also, the
Circuit Breaker Tax Rebate has risen to $870 for tax year 2006!

Annual Town Meeting - Monday, April 2nd, 7:00 p.m. at the High School. SENIORS NEED TO BE THERE!!!!


I want to thank my dear friends in Abington for the wonderful going-away party - it was a fantastic time for me, a
wonderful gathering of love and support.  A good time - good company,  great refreshments, many surprises and
unexpected thoughts, sentiments and rememberances. Thank you, one and all, and I hope we will meet again soon.
Much love, Linda xxxooo

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Happy Birthday & thanks to COA Volunteers

April 6   John Reeves (senior center, driver escort)
April 13 'Mary Donlan   (senior center, meals)
April 15 Barbara Tower (meals on wheels)
April 19 Patricia Dailey (meals on wheels sub.)
April 21 Michelle Chandler (new - multitasker)
April 22 Terri Henrikson (meals on wheels)   •

Massasoit College Senior Center   call 508-588-9100
Arthritis Aquatics (Mon-Wed-Fri)
Senior Chorus (Wed)
Yoga for Seniors (Fri)
History reading group
and Senior Net Computer Classes for age 50+

Family Careqiver and Safe Return Programs - free services to those caring for loved ones 60 years or older
through OCES. Now offering rebate up to $55 for enrolling in the Alzheimer's Assoc Safe Return Program, which
helps reunite caregivers with those who have wandered due to dementia. Call (800)242-0246 ext. 272 for more info.

Walk In Health Screening for blood pressure, sugar testing, nutrition and weight counseling;
(most) Tues/Thurs 9-11 at 100 Lincoln Blvd VNA room

1stThurs 10-11  71 Shaw Av community room

3rd Wed   10-11   585 Chestnut St. Bldg 1 *2 alternate

Free Hearing Screenings - First Tuesdays each month at the Council on Aging at Town Hall with John Klefeker.
Hearing tests and hearing aid checks. Call for appt. 781-982-2146.

Senior Citizens Association is an active social club for Abington residents past 59th birthday. Meets 2nd Monday
each month at 12 noon, VFW Hall on Central St. $7 to join, $5 yearly dues. Dues are due in March.This group has new
leadership that are planning some great and different programs. No upper age limit, but you must be at least 59 1/2
yrs. old.
Plan to come to the next meeting on April 9th - come around ll:30 a.m.

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Abington SENIOR CENTER FUND     Membership for 2007 is $5 per person

The Senior Center Fund has a new address for donations: P.O. Box 2035. Abington MA 02351

Memberships and Donations        Make checks payable to "Senior Center Fund"
Thomas & Sheila Burke; Gerald Casey; Marguerite Footit; Anna Fopiano; Robert & Jeanne Johnson; Muriel Kiernan;
Maria Nelson; Lorraine O'Neill;   Mary Sullivan; Peggy Whalen; Edith & Kenneth ' Boyajian; Allura Duffy; Muriel Fath;
Richard & Annette Griffin;  Diane Keith;  Louise Peterson; Eleanor Trudeau, Jos. & Marianne Andrews, Marian Chimi,
Geraldine De Rusha, EleanorDiersch, George Dunphy, Jeanne Foley, Catherine & George Kenney,Virginia Lind, Helen
Mackiewicz, Elizabeth McCaw, Myrtle Porter, Mary Scavullo and Sheila Ward..

Lifetime Memberships and $100 Club
Anne Nelson, in memory of John, Paul and Sam
Walter (Skip) Pulsifer, III, in memory of Gertrude Pulsifer        
Connie Rhodes, in memory of Emily Jule - and Dusty                    
Priscilla Taylor                   
Mr. & Mrs. Merton Loomis In memory of those we love who have passed on.

$500 Club (total of all donations)      
In memory of
Betty Berry: (many other donors listed in previous newsletters)
By Leo & Mary Montgomery

In memory of
Leo Natale (many others listed previously)     ____ By Maria Nelson

In memory of
Barbara Whitman (many others listed previously)
By Jim & Nancy Roberts        The Oriola Family         Edith Doughty

                             With thanks to families selecting "Senior Center Fund" for memorial gifts.

Donation Correspondents: Joanne Curtis and new! Mary Donlan and Fran Greenough
Thank you to Joyce Joseph, just retired as our Donation Correspondent after 4 years.
Senior Center Fund Treasurer: Jack Libbv

Abington Senior Center Fund Donation        new address    P.O. Box 2035,        Abington. MA 02351

Membership for 2007   $5. per person or Name        $100. for lifetime membership. Mail or bring to Town Hall

Name  ___________________________________________________________

Address  _________________________________________________________

In memory of  _____________________________________________________

In honor of  _______________________________________________________

Send acknowledgement to:  _________________________________________

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Council on Aging (COA) - Continuing Services./Programs

SENIOR TRANSPORTATION • Call 781-982-2145 or 2146

Council on Aging Van is door to door service to medical appointments, bank, hairdresser, pharmacy, library,
etc. $3 round-trip. Also grocery shopping. (Free rides to COA activities & luncheon.) Call the COA to book
rides in advance. 781-982-2145 or 2146

Dial-a-BAT (BAT stands for Brockton Area Transit) vehicles travel a bit further out, to Brockton & Bridgewater
(s), 9:30-4:30. To Boston Mon-Wed-Fri. BAT rides must be booked through the Council on Aging, too. Fees
vary. Door to door - pay driver.

Friday Morning Shopping Bus travels to mall (Hanover, Westgate or Kingston) (not food shopping). Plenty of
room for bundles. Several pick-up sites. Call Natalie Walker, 781-878-4543 for more info..

 SENIOR NUTRITION - Call 781-982-2145 or 2146

MEALS ON WHEELS delivered to homebound Seniors, lunchtime Mon - Fri, $2.50 per meal. Wonderful
volunteers deliver wonderful nutritious meals right to your kitchen table. (Referral is needed from your
doctor, visiting nurse, social worker or case worker.)

SENIOR LUNCHEON Thursdays 11:15am at the Baptist Church hall - reservations needed. $2.50 (school
year only) Come and perhaps meet up with a friend you haven't seen for ages.

               For appointment or connection - call the Council on Aging 781-982-2146

Elder Law Clinic founded by Atty. George Whiting at the COA on the 3rd Monday morning monthly. Meet
confidentially-Attorney Whiting will address questions & offer general guidance.

Hearing Screening • "Listen to Life Again" - Specialist John Klefeker visits the COA on the If Tuesday 1pm.
monthly for hearing screenings & hearing aid checks.

Reverse Mortgage House rich, cash poor? John Fournier at the COA on the 3d Wed monthly, to describe
reverse mortgage. Must be 62 years old. No credit or income requirements.

Call the COA about:   
Auto Repair Mark Jamieson will talk to your mechanic, as "second opinion".
Moving George Weir will give helpful tips about moving.  
Banking Hal Norton will answer questions concerning all aspects of banking.
Elder Real Estate Roger Woods -&- Sue Johnson. FREE consult & analysis.
Long Term Care and Insurances

                                                 SENIOR ACTIVITY (individual contacts)

Walking Club -"WOW" (Walking on Wednesday - seasonally) meets every Wednesday, 9:00 am at Reilly Field
track next to the Library. Join us when you can, no matter your speed. Call Coordinator Peggy Whalen 781-
878-0448 for more information.

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2 Line Dancing Classes with Barbara Reeves. Basic Steps Thursdays 10am, Whitman Library. Regular -
Fridays 1 pm-2:3Qpm in St. Bridget's Hall. Get happy feet!

Movie Showings    Suspended...till further notice.

Trips COA informs Seniors of some exciting daytrips & longer trips, for Senior groups.        

    Subject to Change - call the CO'A with any questions. 781-982-2145 or 2146

RITA'S Trips - "Carefree Capers"   Contact Rita Webster directly 781 -982-9102

April 18-20 Red Sox/Blue Jays & Niagara Falls - Field level box seats at the Rogers Centre
(formerly Sky Dome) retractable roof stadium. Tow of Niagara Falls, accommodations in
Niagara Falls $229   

April 25 Murder at Howard Johnson's - at the Newport Rhode Island Playhouse. Excellent buffet lunch and
time at Newport Brick Market Place $69

Disclaimer: The Council on Aging does not endorse nor insure any trip. We merely publicize opportunities.

The Abington Art Association has kindly invited our Seniors to attend any of their planned activities. On April
11th, you're invited to a WATERCOLOR LANDSCAPE demonstration by Mary Callahan - free -7:00 p.m.
Room 104, Abington High School. On Wednesday, May 16th a bus trip ($5.00) to Museum of Fine Arts, and
Saturday, June 9th a bus trip ($10.00) to Newburyport. For further info, call the office.

COA OUTREACH • and Volunteer S.H.i.N.E. Counselor Norma Clark. RN (retired) 781-982-2146

OUTREACH Food Stamps are an excellent way to help stretch your food dollars. (Of course, you know there
is no such thing as "Food Stamps" anymore - You are issued a plastic debit card to use the same as the
plastic charge cards everyone else is using to pay for their groceries. There are 445,381 people in Mass.
Enrolled in the Food Stamp Program You could be the 445,382nd! In 2006, Mass, issued $408 Million in Food
"Stamp" benefits. If you would like to apply on your own, that's OK too. Call the Food Source Hotline at 1-
800-645-8333 or 1-866-950-FOOD.

Please call the office to learn if you might be eligible for other programs, as MassHealth, or Medicare Buy-In,
which is a program to pay or help pay Medicare premiums.

S.H.I.N.E.  FYI  For those turning 65, and retiring, remember that although you now have to wait a few more
months to be eligible for Social Security, you are still eligible for Medicare the month you turn 65—but you
will have to pay out-of-pocket for it until you are getting Social Security payments from which Medicare can
be deducted. Happy 65th Birthday! If Medicare has not contacted you, you need to contact them 3 months
ahead of the time you will turn 65 or plan to leave your work.

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HALL OF FAME SHOW at Massassoit Comm. College -Friday and Saturday, May 4th and 5th, 2007 @ 7:30 p.
m.. Radio/TV Classics LIVE. Bob and Ray, Jess Cain, Rex Trailer, Betsy Palmer, Beverly Garland and many

Pet emergencies The Sheriffs Department reminds all of us that any (God forbid) disaster, creates an
emergency for your pet(s) as well. The COA has free disaster information sheets regarding the family pet(s),
because you never know....

A good one: 2 green beans were walking and one was hit by a truck. The friend scrapes him up and rushes
him to the hospital. The doctor came to say, "I have good news and bad news." The healthy green bean
says, "OK give me the good news first." "Well, he is going to live." "So what's the bad news?" "He's going
to be a vegetable the rest of his life."

Volunteers are always needed (and much appreciated!) for delivering Meals on Wheels, getting newsletters
ready to mail (once a month), driving clients to Boston for medical appointments, etc. etc. Think about it - our
volunteers are happy people! Be Happy!

All People are Welcome to these Open Meetings Council on Aging Board 9am, 3rd Wed monthly Town Hall
Senior Center Committee 10am, 3rd Wed monthly Town Hall

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ARE YOU OK? A free program sure to increase Seniors' sense of security 781 -982-2146 Consider the FREE
ARE YOU OK? program. The Sheriffs Dept computer-telephones a Senior at home every day - you choose
the time of day. If you don't answer after 2 calls, help is enlisted to make sure you are OK. If you will not be
home, you simply let the program know ahead of time. You can sign up for a short time following surgery or
rehab, or try it on a trial basis. Peace of mind is increased for all concerned. We wish every senior who lives
alone would sign up for this program immediately. Call the Council on Aging, 781-982-2146.

Old Colony Elderly Services: (OCES) provides care to Elders and/or their caretakers, to enable elders to live
independently in their homes as long as it is safe for them to do so. Call Norma Clark, Outreach Worker at the
Abington Council on Aging, to activate a referral for services, or you may make the call yourself. The number
for OCES is 508-584-1561.

MOVIE Showings for Seniors, at the Library are suspended for the time-being, due to staffing.

Abington website including Council on Aging information! (thanks to Paul Cahill)

The Council on Aging Board has a current vacancy. If interested, send a letter to Town Manager Phil Warren.
One must be able to attend meetings on the 3rd Wed. each month at 9:30am, Town Hall.