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HAPPY  INDEPENDENCE  DAY  TO ALL!      (JULY 4TH is on a Tuesday this year)

“Oh, say! does that

star-spangled banner yet wave  

O’er the land of the free

                                    and the home of the brave”    Francis Scott Key




MassHealth (Not to be confused with Medicare) may cover a Senior’s costs for an “emergency response system” device. If you are on MassHealth, call directly at 1-800-841-2900.



IMPORTANT NOTE!  The COA Van will not be available for rides on the first Wednesday morning of each month.  It will be at the Town Garage being serviced.  Please plan accordingly. The Dial-A-Bat will be available, but remember BAT does not go into Weymouth. 



ANNUAL SENIOR COOKOUT  mark the date  Wednesday, JULY 12th around 11ish - sponsored by the St. Vincent DePaul organization.  Actually, the food is cooked out, but is served indoors, downstairs at St. Bridget’s School.  Abington residents age 60                          

and older are invited!  Food, door prizes, music, Yeah!  No charge.                    




The Meals on Wheels Program is year-round.  In summer, The Council on Aging purchases pre-packaged nutritious meals for delivery to home-bound Seniors.  If you are not going to be home at meal delivery time, you must call the Council on Aging or leave a note at your house and a cooler.  No meals will be left out in the heat.  Meals on Wheels volunteer drivers are year-round heroes, providing an essential service to Seniors.   We can always use more volunteers.



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SENIOR CENTER NEWS                        Pg. 2



Abington Pride Day saw the involvement of many. Thank you Seniors who baked pie for the contest:  Kay Cotter, Mardie Cummings, Edie Doughty, Donna Edgrin, Joanne MacNeill & Blanche Post - judges faced a hard choice!   The event gate money ($442) was donated to the Senior Center Fund! We are grateful for support!  Hooplah! of Abington donated rental of tent canopy, table/ chairs. Bemis Drug & Seoane’s teamed up for donation of $250 gift certificate to Seoane’s Garden Center. Booth volunteers: Norma Clark, Bill Cox, Joanne Curtis, Jim Dorman – liaison to the Committee, Linda Elliott, Kate Kelley, Bill Kendall and Connie Rhodes. 



Bean Supper raised $853 for Senior Center Fund

 (see complete notes)



RAFFLE: Stained Glass Garden Stone crafted by Arlene Moore - 15” diameter inlaid with shimmering mirrors and a lovely stained glass dragonfly.  $5 / ticket. 



COIN DRIVE Thus far - $222, goal is $500. Thanks to all donors!  (Mr. John Swanson gave $54 in pennies.)



Raffle:  $250 Gift Certificate to SEOANEs Garden Center.  (Donated by Seoanes and Bemis Drug) -  $10 per raffle ticket – but only 100 tickets will be sold, so the odds of winning are high for each participant! 



Abington Ale House $10 Gift Certificates  $10 each, use at the Restaurant just like cash.  Senior Center Fund keeps $10 for each sold! 



Christmas House Tour, Sunday, December 10th   

Tour includes 5 highly decorated Abington homes of different styles. The 2006 Tour features the homes of: Hank Cahill, The Christie Coombs family, The Miller/Mann’s, Cecile H.  Murphy and the Shawn Reilly family. This is a festive event, which all adults enjoy.  Advance ticket sale ($25) begins in September. We thank Abington Businesses Sovereign Bank ($800 for ticket printing) and Seones Garden (allowance to each home for decorative greenery). Proceeds to benefit the Abington Senior Center Fund!                  




Buy Raffles & Tickets at the Council on Aging

or at Bemis Drug in Abington.




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see separate link



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Membership $5 per year      or        $100 Lifetime Membership

Special donations to the Senior Center Fund   (** includes membership)

In memory of the young sons of Florence Severin, Joseph Iacobucci, Barbara Whitman

In memory of Robert J. Doyle, by Tom and Sheila Burke

In memory of Timothy Kelly, by Helen and Bill Kelly

In memory of Catherine Nisby, by Theresa Johnston

In memory of Joseph Williamson, by Hal and Sue Norton

         Tom & Patti Bates                                Ronald Bencks                           Annette M. Griffin         

         Marion Hadley                                    Kathy and Jim Lavin                    David & Judy Morse


 “Clubs” may reflect one donation, a pledge, or a total of previous donations


$100 CLUB              In memory of Edward Austris, by Kathy and Jim Lavin

In memory of Corrinne Barton, by George and Helen Douglass

In memory of Frank Bell, by J.J. and Jackie Bell

In memory of Frank Bell, by Carolyn M. Russo

In memory of Maurice Caplice, by the Abington Senior Citizen Association 

In memory of her Aunt Mary E. Chella, by MaryLou McGlone

In memory of Charles Marble, by George Snow

(monthly)  In memory of Vic & Mary Malinowski, by Mike Malinowski

(monthly)  In memory of Sal Mari, by Janice & Louis Mari

(monthly)  In memory of sons John & Paul and “Dad” Sam, by Anne T. Nelson

(monthly)  In memory of her Mother Emily Jule, by Connie Rhodes


$500 CLUBs (2)     In memory of MARGARET “Margie” DOLE by the following:


Lovey & Art Barry (FL)           Andrew & Cynthia Bayerl                                         Betty Berry                                              Gail Flynn                               Caryn & Joe Golden (CT)                   David Gray & Steve Shuman                  

Kristen Lannigan                     Dianne & William F. Malloy, Jr.                        Esther Markman                                     

Kathleen Murphy                        John & Sheila Norton                              Hinton & Ella Smith

         West School (Plymouth) Sunshine Fund           Jacqueline M. Williams 


         In  memory  of  RICHARD SEVERIN by  the  following:

American Legion Post 149 (Hanover)      Helen Crowell                              Mary and Bob Donlan 

Leo Federici                                          Edward & Mary Franey                     Joe Iacobucci                                            Alice Ord                                               Miriam Sevigny                    Thayer Scale (Hyer Industries)

                                                              Mrs. Sheila Ward                             Barbara Whitman


$1,000 CLUB (over $1200 combined donations in honor of Father Butler’s retirement)

In honor of Father Allan Butler’s retirement by:  Kathy & Jim Lavin,          Mr/Mrs. J.R.Thetonia  







Abington   Senior   Center   Fund           

Make Check payable to “SENIOR CENTER FUND”.  Bring or mail to:

Senior Center Fund, c/o Council on Aging, 500 Gliniewicz Way, Abington MA   02351


Your name     __________________________________________________________________        

Address          __________________________________________________________________

Special Donation  In memory of   _______________________________________________________                        

                                  In honor of      _________________________________________________

Send acknowledgment to    _______________________________________________________


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Walking on Wednesday Group Now held EVERY Wednesday. The COA SENIOR                     Pg. 5

WALKING CLUB every Wednesday at 9:30am. Meet in the Library parking lot. Walk beautiful Reilly Track with some nice people. (Track is spongy, easy on the feet).  See you on Wednesdays at 9:30am.  This is a very informal group - just show up when you can!  Call Peggy Whalen, Coordinator, 781-878-0448 for more information.  


LOCAL SUPPORT GROUPS -  Open to the public – no charge                                                       


Caregivers Support – at the Rockland Council on Aging, 394 Union St., Rockland – monthly

        on the 4th Monday from 1pm - 2:30pm   -  call 781-871-1266 for more information  


Alzheimers Support Group - Colony House, 277 Washington, Ab.– monthly, 4th Monday,  5pm-6pm     


Parkinson’s Disease Support Group - Kingston Library – monthly, last Wed,  2pm 


Better Breathers Support Group - Brockton Hospital assembly room - monthly, last Tues, 2pm - 3:15pm

       (A support group for people with chronic breathing problems.) 


Bereavement Support Group meets once per month at Abington Library on the 1st Thursday of the

        month at  6:30pm.  (Call Amy Somers-Quealy 781-878-2112 to talk more about this group.)      



THE BEAN SUPPER chaired by Joanne Curtis, Lorraine Leventuk and Ellie Peck, was a superb time of food & fellowship. Expenses were cut by generous donations, thus approx. $850 was raised for the Senior Center Fund! Thanks to Businesses: Cake Connections, Martin’s (Fred Villa), Pasticcini‘s, St. Vincent de Paul & WalMart – and  People  (Cooks, Donors and/or Volunteers): Ab. Senior Citizens Association members, Betty Berry, Jean Bumpus, Norma Clark, Joanne Curtis, Dot Damon, Bob & Mary Donlan, Edie Doughty, Marge Edson, Rita Estey, Anna Fopiano, Linda Elliott, Eddie & Mary Franey, Fran Greenough, Diane Keith, Kate Kelley, Bill Kendall, Janice King, Nancy Lehtonen, Lorraine Leventuk, Jack Libby, Joanne MacNeill, Ellie Peck, Clayton Phipps, Blanche Post, Peggy Whalen, Bud Wheaton, Marion Wilson and “coach” Bronia Wieliczki.





“Young” people on-Board as Associate members:  Bill Cox (Senior Center Committee and Building Committee and David Klein (Assoc. Board Member and Safety Committee)   Welcome!!


Abington High School students (members of the Interact Club, the Rotary Club’s counterpart) served banana splits to over 60 Seniors at our annual Ice Cream party.  Thank you John Bacon, Corinne Basinotti, Mike Casely, Cathy Greenough (2 years) and Christine Kelly. 


Every generation enjoyed “Abington Pride Day”.  It was good to see Seniors enjoying the day with the grandkids.  The event will be held annually, on or near June 10th.  The pie contest winners: 3 generations (not by design): Dori Jamieson (baby boomer), Samantha Hall (student) and our own Kay Cotter! 


The Children of Center School, and the 3rd graders of Saint Bridget’s School donated colorful homemade baskets and flower bouquets. These greatly surprised and cheered the Seniors who received them.



A BIG THANK YOU!  NORMA CLARK was recently commended by the COA Board for helping 183 Seniors (plus spouses & family members) with the historic prescription program: Medicare Part D.  Norma serves the Town of Abington as part time Outreach Worker.  She is also a volunteer S.H.I.N.E. Counselor for both Abington and Hanover. (SHINE stands for “Serving the Health Information Needs of Elders”.) This from S.H.I.N.E. Director Andrea Priest, “The volunteers amaze me every day and Norma is one of our finest!”   Indeed!    Well Done Norma!  Thank you from all the COA and Seniors who enjoyed your help.



WOW Group (Walking on Wednesday) NOW WALKING EVERY WEDNESDAY.  The Council on Aging SENIOR WALKING CLUB members have decided to walk every Wed. at 9:30am. Meet in the Library parking lot. Walk beautiful Reilly Track with some nice people. (Track is spongy, easy on the feet).  See you on Wednesdays at 9:30am.  This is a very informal group - just show up when you can!  Call Peggy Whalen, Coordinator, 781-878-0448 for more information.  


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OUTREACH and S.H.I.N.E.  Norma Clark, RN Retired  781-982-2146 (not Wed.)                 pg. 6

I would still like to know how Medicare Part D is (or isn’t) working for you.  My work has quieted down a little with no deadlines to meet for Prescription Advantage, Medicare Part D, etc.   Not to say there aren’t little problems to solve and challenges to meet, (like getting people who are eligible for certain entitlements to apply for them). 


We have all sorts of applications – for Medicare BuyIn, Medicaid (MassHealth), etc.. Medicare BuyIn will pay the $88 monthly premium for Medicare if your income is less than $1103 per month for an individual or $1485 for a couple, with less than $4,000 or $6,000 in assets.  “Assets” does not count your house or one car.  Who can’t use an extra $88 per month? 


It’s not all about money.  Need help with housekeeping, laundry, errands, personal care?  Are you the caretaker for an elderly family member and need a little vacation - an hour or a week?  Are you bored?  We always need volunteers.  If none of this appeals to you, how about just looking in on a family member or neighbor? – or visiting one of our Abington nursing homes? -you will be glad you did and you will brighten someone else’s life too.



--TRIPS for SENIORS  The Council on Aging does not run, endorse, nor insure trips.  We simply inform.


Senior ASSOC. Trip (for age 50+ - bring family)  Contact Joanne MacNeill 781-871-1815

Mon. Sept 18    “American as Apple Pie”    (leaves from WalMart Abington, where you may park free)

Smiths Country Cheese – see the cheese making process and sample some.  Hearty countrystyle lunch (all you can eat!) @ the Inn, East Hill Farm.  Visit High Hopes Orchards and tour pie making kitchen.  Wagon ride through the orchards and take home a delicious free 4” apple pie.    $56 includes driver tip


                                                                   RITA’s  TRIPS     Contact RITA WEBSTER  at  781-982-9102 for these trips:


Aug 9-11   Waterville Valley beautiful accommodations, summer theatre West Side Story, Lake

                  Winnipesaukee Cruise, Castle in the Clouds    $309 per person/dbl occupancy


Aug. 11     Horizon’s Edge CASINO BOAT  6 hour cruise and casino action.    $26


9/30-10/6   Myrtle Beach – 60 miles of beautiful beach, 3 fabulous shows, breakfast and dinner daily,

                  visit to Charleston - $649 per person/dbl occupancy



Connie’s Trips “ABINGTON FELLOW TRAVELERS  Connie Rhodes 781-878-4941


Aug. 2-3   Maine Coast Adventure Camden Maine  - stay at the Country Inn, backyard lobster bake,

             visit 59th Maine lobster Festival, tour the breathtaking Maine coast.  Bring camera  $239 pp/dbl


Sept. 13   Boston Movie Tour - visit Boston locations made famous via popular TV shows and movies. 

                Behind the scenes tidbits and complete luncheon at Cheers, Beacon Hill Boston  $65





A SOCIAL CLUB FOR SENIORS    (not part of, nor to be confused with the Abington Council on Aging) Abington Senior Citizens Association, a private social club for Abington folks who have passed their 59th birthday.  Meets the 2nd Monday each month, VFW, Noon.  Dues: $7 to join, $5/year.  Join at meetings.       





Senior Contest - State House Holiday Card ( must be age 62 and OLDER to enter)

Theme: “Celebrating the winter holiday at the State House in your favorite era.”  Entries accepted in

any medium, sized between 5x8” to 18x24”. Deadline July 14, 2006. Send to:Dolores McGray, Comm. Museum, Columbia Point, 220 Morrissey Blvd., Boston MA  02125   Good luck!


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July Birthdays of Council on Aging Volunteers                                                          pg. 7

July  2   Bob Pilato  (Meals on Wheels)

July 10  Bud Wheaton (circuit breaker/taxes, general)

July 11  Rita Estey (COA staff, Sr Center Committee)

July 15  Kim Pierce (Newsletter team) 

July 17  Ted Butler (COA Board, newsletter team)

July 17  David Evans (Meals on Wheels)

July 26  Jim Roberts (newsletter team)

July 31  Jack Libby  (COA Board, Meals on Wheels,

      Sr. Center Committee, Treasurer, Building Committee) 


MOVIES shown at Abington Library, 10:15 am

1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month      movie

No movie July 4th (holiday)                  graphic

Tues. July 18  The Producers”          here

comedy starring Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick

Tues. Aug. 1st  Eight Below” precious story                             

           dogs stranded in storm & their human friends

Tues. Aug. 15th “Failure to Launch– a comedy

     parents try to get their 35 yr-old son to move out!

No signup needed – just show up.  Showing room

in the Library is air conditioned - bring light jacket.



Volunteer Professionals consult with Seniors at

no charge or obligation:  (listed alphabetically)

John Fournier    (Reverse Mortgage Specialist)

Mark Jamieson  (Auto repair “intermediary”) 

Sue Johnson     (Senior Real Estate Specialist)

John Klefeker    (Hearing Specialist)

David Klein        (long Term Care, insurances)

Bud Wheaton     (circuit breaker tax relief)

George Whiting  (Attorney - Elder Law Specialist)   


  Call the Council on Aging: 781-982-2146


____ __________________________________________-------------------____________________________________________________________________________________________________



Public Meetings always open to interested people!

S.C. Building Committee July 10th   7pm,  Town Hall  

Council on Aging Board  July 19th   9am, Town Hall

Senior Center CommitteeJuly 19th  10am, Town Hall


The COA keeps a resource list including  handymen,

home-making, lawncare, shopping services, hair care,

etc. These Services are FOR FEE (not free).   The

COA informs, but does not endorse any one.     




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The annual ROTARY-sponsored banana split Senior Ice Cream Party was OUTSTANDING!          Pg. 8

THANK YOU to the Abington Rotary for lunch and the party.  The Rotary often does service to the Seniors of Abington.  We especially thank the Rotary’s Liaison with the Council on Aging, Harold Sims, and Interact Club Advisor, Joe Leavell.  It was a hot day and over 60 Seniors were on-hand to enjoy the festivities.                  




Part-Time Council on Aging Coordinator  -  Linda Elliott

Part-Time Outreach Worker (19 hours) – Norma Clark

Transportation & Nutrition - Rita Estey and Eileen Maraget

Drivers – Alice Dumas, Jean LaCamera, Jack McGrath

Council on Aging Board Chair – George Whiting

Senior Center subCommittee Co-Chairs - Joanne Curtis, Ellie Peck

Senior Center Building subCommittee Chair – Lorraine Leventuk

Liaisons/Delegates: Abington Elderly Services - Clayton Phipps

               Old Colony Elderly Services – Norma Clark

                                                           Old Colony Planning Council -   (vacant)                                                         

                                                           Rotary Club – Harold Sims

                                                           Interact Club/Abington High – Joe Leavell

e-mail the Council on Aging & the Senior Informer at:   lelliot@abingtonmass.com

Abington website w/ Council on Aging information!  (thanks Paul Cahill)  www.ourabington.com


Abington Ale House
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